Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cremé Fraiche Fish Sauce with Pasta and Healthy Cookies

Cremé Fraiche Fish Sauce with Pasta

This is a really quick and easy dish. The fish is pureed before serving and this completely elevates the taste.  It is surprisingly different, and arguably tastier, than having 'unpureed' fish with crème fraiche or smetana. I knew pureed fish would taste different but I didn't expect it to be this different. 

Some people may scream at the thought of pureeing an expensive piece of fish. But we puree fish in our mouth, so I had no issues with pureeing it before eating. 

I’ve tried this dish with salmon, canned tuna and herring. My favourite is salmon, followed by canned tuna and herring taking last spot, unfortunately. Herring is still delicious, though not as delicious as salmon or tuna. The recipe is available here.

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Beef Roulades with Walnut Parsley Pesto

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Source: Science Daily
I don’t know whether this is good news, or just strange.  Scientists have found a way to create healthier cookies by enriching it with antioxidants from grape seeds. Apparently they taste good and have an antioxidant level about 10 times higher than a regular cookie.

Grape seed extracts are rich in antioxidants which have been associated with beneficial effects such as prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. However, they are bitter, have an astringent flavor and is unstable when heated. To overcome these drawbacks scientists used a technique called microencapsulation where the grape seed antioxidants are covered by a mixture of compounds on a microscopic scale, protecting the grape seeds antioxidants from the changes caused by heat and masking their flavor.

With high antioxidant levels I wonder whether the government will promote consumption of a certain number of cookies a day. Instead of ‘an apple a day…’ it could become ‘a few cookies a day…’

Wishful thinking, but at least the researchers have their priorities right.


  1. I'm ok with pureed fish! the photo of it looks amazing! I'm getting hungry just looking :)
    Mary x

  2. That's really intriguing about pureeing the fish! I'm going to have to try it one day.

  3. I love that creamy fish pasta, real easy and good!

  4. The pasta looks very tempting indeed. I can imagine how puréed canned tuna tastes because I often make a sandwich spread with it. Fresh salmon sounds very intriguing, but I can believe it tastes better than whole chunks. Texture means so much in food but few people realise it (in Europe because in Asia people know this).
    As for the cookies, another useless American invention after "wine" pills... Why not drink a glass of good wine instead of another transformed product.

    1. Thank you. It does taste really different from salmon that hasn't been pureed. So true, texture and flavours mean a lot in Asian cuisine - salty, sweet, spicy, acidic, crunchy, tender... unlike mash, overcooked veges and meat stew:)
      Never heard of wine pills, and I wouldn't want to try it. There's so much fun in drinking wine, why take pills?

  5. Pureed fish is different! But interesting I may give that a shot. And yes have them say more cookies indeed. More sugar to mask the grape seed taste!

  6. Hi T.C, your plate of pasta sure look delicious. And very interesting to know about pureed the fish, great to learn something new. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  7. Oops I read it too fast - I thought the pasta has flavor of Cremé Fraiche + fish sauce (the Asian sauce!). I think I'm ready for bed... haha that would be crazy. Now that I read it's pureed fish involve, it's actually very nutritious sauce for the pasta!