Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orange Crumb Cake and Dirt

Orange Crumb Cake With Almond Cinnamon Crumb Topping

This is an interesting recipe. The liquid in the cake is orange juice instead of the usual milk. It worked, but without the crumb topping this would be an ordinary cake, not that there is anything wrong with an ordinary cake.

The cake is really moist, and the chopped almonds in the crumb gave it a nice crunch. This is probably not the right place to have a discussion on healthy cakes, but crumbs instead of frosting is lower fat, and healthy, for those of you who think fat is unhealthy. Most importantly, it is delicious and making the crumb topping requires hardly any additional effort. The recipe is available here.

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Prosperity roselle salmon yusheng

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Humans used to eat dirt in the past. And now a French restaurant in Japan is bringing back the past by featuring dirt on its menu. And no, we are not talking dirty plates.

One of the items on the menu is potato starch and dirt soup. Another item is a salad with dirt dressing. The dressing is made from dirt and a fine powder made from ground popcorn. 

The dessert item sounds appealing, dirt ice cream and dirt gratin. A double dose of dirt, like double chocolate cookies. There is also dirt mint tea to cleanse the palate. Using dirt to cleanse the palate sounds unusual, like hiring a thief to guard your house. 

The dirt used is obviously tested for safety and purity. And its not the dirt that you have in mind. The restaurant buys dirt from a company called Protoleaf. The dirt is made from coffee grinds and palm fiber, which were previously just thrown away. Its probably more organic rubbish than dirt, but dirt sounds more appetizing than organic rubbish, relatively speaking.

If you went to this restaurant and the plate or glass was dirty, would you complain?

Looking for inspiration and ingredients for your next meal? Look no further than your back yard. And don’t tell your guests until they have finished their meal. Add dirt to organic mushrooms and your guest will probably comment on how organic mushrooms tastes more earthy and delicious!


  1. The crumb cake sounds delicious, orange and almond is a great combination :)
    Mary x

  2. I'm not so keen on the dirt idea! Although the fact that it isn't actual dirt is more appealing than the idea of actually eating dirt! :P

    1. Amazing how a small change in facts makes dirt a bit more appealing:)

  3. I tried that yeusheng in Malaysia, its so fun to eat

  4. Nice looking cake and great for a dairy free recipe.

    I am int trying new things but I think I would skip the dirt restaurant.

    1. Thank you. I would skip that dirt(y) restaurant also:)

  5. It looks like a very unusual cake, Mr. Three-Cookies! And a very delicious too. I like the crumb topping idea a lot but also the use of orange juice. "For those of you who think fat is unhealthy" I love reading your posts;-)
    The dirt restaurant sounds more than weird, but as long as people want to pay for it...
    Dirt and bacteria is good in certain amounts... People who consume "real" food (organic or similar) eat dirt all the time anyway. And bugs. I find much more dirt and bugs in my organic vegetables. (In most supermarket vegetables there is nothing dirty).

    1. Thank you, a cake with heavy top is not very normal for sure.
      Its amazing how people are willing to pay lot of money for dirt. In this case I don't think the restaurant is not marketing health benefits of eating dirt, people are paying extra just for the sake of eating dirt! I think in Africa people eat dirt to health benefits
      I think organic food has more dirt/bugs because it does not go through the very rigorous cleaning process. The non-organic carrots sold here is washed in tap water!!!

  6. Such a funny title! At first, I thought you put dirt in your cake!