Thursday, October 31, 2013

Butter Pork and Jam War

Butter pork
Butter pork is nowhere near as common as butter chicken. Pork and chicken have similarities, so what works with chicken generally works well with pork. 

Butter pork may sound a bit unappetizing. Pork is already considered fatty, adding butter may be a step too far. But it is not, only a small amount of butter is added. Cream is the main ingredient. You can use oil instead of butter. The result will still be very delicious, however its perhaps not a good idea to call it “oil pork’. The recipe is available here.

Butter pork

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Source: The Guardian
Did you know that according to UK regulations jam must contain at least 60% sugar to be called jam. There is a proposal to bring UK regulations in line with those of countries such as France and Germany, where it's 50-55%. But there is some resistance. One would imagine a proposal to reduce sugar content as fairly straight forward, but its not.

Reducing sugar content would allow British producers to export jam. In the jam world, there is a mutual recognition principle which says that "to be recognised as jam in France, for example, the product must first be recognised as jam in its home country." Since products containing less than 60% sugar cannot be called jam in the UK, it cannot be exported to France as jam. That’s some weird jam law.

Products under 50% must be labelled "fruit spreads” while there is currently no law covering what to call products with 51-59% sugar. This is the jam equivalent of no mans land.


  1. I never thought of making butter pork but your theory makes perfect sense! Sound delicious. Wow who knew jam could be so controversial lol.

  2. Those cupcakes looks cool!

  3. Butter pork sounds absolutely delicious (even the name of the recipe makes me hungry!). Actually here specialists no longer say pork is fatty/unhealthy (unless you use a fatty cut), so I'm sure some butter doesn't do any harm. (I for example digest beef very badly and never have problems with pork, so I'm sure in my case pork is much much healthier!).
    The jam thing sounds awful! 60% jam is what I consider a "cheated" cheap industrial jam version... Personally I never even add 50% sugar, but less (actually a minimum, often 30%).

  4. I have to say i am very impressed with the way you efficiently blog and your posts are so informative. You have really have managed to catch the attention of many it seems keep it up!

  5. HAHA. i loved your comment on "oil pork"