Thursday, September 11, 2014

Duck chasseur and black cheese burger from burger king

Duck chasseur

This was my first time trying a chasseur. Very delicious. The end result may look slightly blend or mild but don’t judge a dish by its looks. Its packed full of flavor. A very pleasant surprise. No wonder this old classic is still around. The recipe is available here.

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Black cheese burger from Burger King.

The buns are made from bamboo charcoal. The onion and garlic sauce is made with squid ink while the cheese has bamboo charcoal. I think they forgot to color the meat patty. Surely they could add some black food coloring, or sear it really really well. 

The article did not say whether the taste would be affected by the bamboo charcoal. But I guess the taste may be psychologically affected. Perhaps the real reason behind this madness is PR.


  1. definitely on search for the black charcoal burger now!!!

  2. It's very popular here burgers. Doesn't look too appetizing no matter how they promote it. Can't find a good regular burger with a good sized patty these days...

    1. Didn't realise it was popular there. Black burgers or burnt burgers?:) Probably OK if eaten blind folded or in the dark.

  3. I have never heard of duck chasseur, but it sounds delicious. I did hear about the black burger though. Not very appetising...

    1. I think chicken chasseur is common, not duck. And this is a really old dish