Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday December 11, 2010

Curried chicken with pita and rice
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, toasted coconut and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Bread with chick peas
Dinner: Spiced carrot soup, curried chicken with pita and rice
Snacks: Homemade french fries

Lunch today was made by simply putting chickpeas inside dough and baking - sort of like a pie but using bread dough instead of pastry.

For curried chicken I used braising chicken which was slowed cooked for little over two hours. The long cooking time resulted in the curry gravy acquiring a deep and intense flavour, like liquid gold, or oily liquid gold to be more precise:) In spite of the long cooking time the chicken did not 'melt' though it was quite tender. I am glad there are some leftovers which I will enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

Today's Favourite Blog
Everyday Food I Love 
The blog always has lots of pictures of Malaysian and other South East Asian cuisine, pictures of everyday food. If you have travelled to the region and are missing the cuisine, this blog will bring back good memories. And a reminder of how cheap the food is.

Random Ramblings  - Michelin Star
This afternoon I watched the TV series called 'Michelin Madness'. An insightful and interesting documentary about the Michelin star - how it works and its consequences, both good and bad. I was not aware that a leading chef in France committed suicide because of prospects of his restaurant losing its three star rating. The restaurant maintained its three star rating but the owner decided to give up the battle anyway.

So far I have never had the opportunity to dine at a Michelin rated restaurant but I have dined at several very good restaurants that serve good food and have a good atmosphere, but no Michelin star. Its always a pleasure to eat at restaurants where the chefs are passionate and enjoy cooking, you can feel it in the atmosphere and the food. Eating at restaurants where the chef is under pressure to maintain Michelin stars and other kinds of external rating is not fun for either the customer and the chef.

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