Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday December 10, 2010

Pickled Herring Pizza
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast:Boiled egg and pita 
Lunch: Pickled herring pizza
Dinner: Spiced carrot soup and bread
Baking: Sugarfree oat fruit cookies

Lunch today was a simple homemade cheeseless pickled herring pizza. Cheeseless because of lack of cheese in the refrigerator. However I don't think cheese would have paired well with pickled herring. The dough was crispy and chewy, the tomato sauce was slightly garlicky and tart and the pickled herring salty with a hint of sweetness. It was an unusual pizza.

I made 3 sugarfree oat fruit cookies. I used up all the frozen dough. The cookies were nice and tasty and the lack of sugar was not evident at all. I just wish there was more dough left. Will power today was strong so I resisted the urge to make more cookies.
Today's Favourite Blog
Anne's Food
The blog has the Nobel Dinner menu for this year. Its good to know what the Nobel Prize winners and their guests will be enjoying. I wonder whether they will stop for a kebab or McD's on their way home after the party.

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