Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday December 29, 2010

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins
Lunch: Lentil tomato spread on wholemeal sourdough and pickled cucumber
Dinner: Potato soup, muesli with gingerbread flavoured cultured milk

A relatively light diet today, in preparation for the upcoming "onslaught"! I know it is advisable to eat a relatively nutritious and light meal after a feast. I wonder whether in the days leading to the feast one should eat light or moderate/heavy as part of warming up. Warming up is necessary for athletes, perhaps the same logic applies to food. If this is the case then my strategy today was incorrect!

My dinner included muesli with pepparkaksfil, a gingerbread flavoured cultured milk which is perhaps unique to Sweden. I have never seen it anywhere else. The cultured milk is similar to yogurt. The pepparkaksfil has a good flavour, however it is loaded with sugar (sugar content about 6%). I have frozen most of it for later use and I plan to make something sweet with it tomorrow.

Random Rambling – A Very Expensive Cookie
US$33 for one cookie, with 2 months waiting time?

Japan’s Green Gables bakery started producing iphone cookies 2 years ago. It’s a cookie that looks like the iphone, almost. Thanks to social media its popularity increased and now there is a 2 month waiting time, and the cookies are only available in Japan. I suppose  those outside Japan have to remain content with the real iphone!

Today's Favourite Blog
A very interesting discussion on how blogging is affecting the Paris dining scene. In a nutshell blogging increases popularity, making it harder to get into restaurants which receive positive recommendations on blogs. Through blogs the popularity can grow phenomenally in a short period of time, leaving the restaurant or the industry insufficient time to react.

Today's Favourite Photo

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