Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Chicken Liver and Soya Beans on Wholemeal Sourdough
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Lentil tomato spread on wholemeal sourdough and steamed broccoli
Dinner: Chicken liver and soya beans in spicy tomato sauce, with wholemeal sourdough
Dessert: Tiramisu ice cream

I had no intention of cooking soya beans with chicken livers, its something I have never thought of or tried before. The idea came about as follows: yesterday I bought dried soya beans which I soaked overnight and cooked today. While I was in the supermarket today I noticed chicken liver was selling at half price so I grabbed a packet. Since I had already started cooking soya beans, I decided to add some liver with the hope that the outcome is not completely unedible.

The verdict: liver and soya bean combination wasn’t bad, neither was it magical. I googled to see if such a combination existed. Not surprisingly nothing came up, but I did find references to soya beans being beneficial for the liver. So soya beans and liver do go well together, not on the plate but afterwards.

While the liver and soya bean marriage was not perfectly harmoniously, the sourdough did complement the strong flavours.

Today's Favourite Blog
On a sad note, the son of the ‘inventor’ of the hamburger passed away. There is debate on who really invented the hamburger but Louis’s Lunch, which has been serving burgers on toast since 1900, is a strong contender. Heston Blumenthal visited the restaurant when he was doing his documentary on burgers. It is legendary that a restaurant has been serving burgers since 1900, using the same method of preparation.

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  1. Wow I would not have thought of chicken liver and soy beans! Very adventurous of you.