Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 25, 2011: Sushi, chicken, and more chicken

Fusilli with tomato sauce
Today's Food Diary

Breakfast: Polenta porridge with banana and strawberry jam
Lunch: Sushi
Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce, blackbean onion soup
Baking/sweets: small piece of chocolate, small amount of rolled oats and raisins

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of the sushi. The sushi selection comprised of salmon, prawn, egg and vege’s, accompanied by miso soup. Only two criticisms. The salmon sushi was slightly big for one mouthful but it didn’t fall apart when I took two bites. And the wasabi was a bit mild, I prefer wasabi’s with more kick.

Dinner was quick and easy, made using pasta sauce from yesterday.

Today's Random Rambling: Chicken Please
I feel really left out, I didn’t have chicken today. A number of blogs today featured chicken recipes. This seems a bit unusual since chicken is usually not the most popular protein. And then suddenly there is a plethora of chicken blogs. This didn’t happen last Tuesday so chicken is not associated with Tuesdays. Maybe 25th of each month? Or maybe its got something to do with the stars?

Eat tori’s blog title “I feel like chicken tonight”, is followed by the following: “Really? Seriously. Does anyone ever say that? Lamb, yes. Steak, certainly. But a craving for chicken? Does anyone ever really feel like chicken?”

To answer eat tori, usually no, today yes.

And guess which protein is featured in my favourite blog today?

Today's Favourite Blog
This is my favourite today not because of chicken but the unusual recipe for chicken country captain ("ccc"), a southern classic.  CCC's line up of ingredients features curry powder, tomatoes, white wine, brandy and raisins. In case you were wondering, southern refers to US, not some part or parts of Asia

The dish is aptly named ccc since the captain must have traveled places, picking up flavours along the way and combining it at the end of the journey.

I have never tried curry powder matched with two alcohols, and finished with raisins, not in one dish anyway. I am sure it works fine, but it won’t be entering my pipeline as yet.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu


  1. Great looking pasta... simple tomato sauce is my favorite!

  2. I'm glad you saw my recipe for Chicken Country Captain. It's an old southern favorite and was one of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt's favorites as well as General Patton.

    By the way, it didn't have rum (although living in the islands for years I dearly love rum). It had a little brandy, which always helps kick up the wine in a dish and gives the sauce a depth of flavor. Perhaps rum would have done the same thing, but I don't think so.

  3. Polenta with banana sounds divine. Boston is supposed to get (another) storm today and your menu helps me remember the importance of comfort food! Cheers!

  4. Mmm sushi. You've inspired a craving. I might have to have it for dinner tonight!

    And yeah, I NEVER crave chicken. Odd.

  5. Sushi is one of my favorite foods but I have major issues with eating it. Pieces are just two big to comfortably eat in one bite but two bites make it fall apart. At my regular sushi place I ask them to cut the rolls into 8 pieces instead of 6. Problem solved!

  6. i craved a chicken mayo sandwich

  7. Hi Christin, I agree with you, simple tomato sauce is simple but very comforting
    Hi Sam, thanks for the correction. I don’t know why I wrote rum instead of brandy. Maybe the following chain of thought: Captain, Captain Morgan, Captain Morgan Rum…
    Hi A Plum By Any Other Name, comfort food definitely comes in handy in such conditions. I hope the storm goes away soon
    Hi Joanne, enjoy the sushi. Now that you think about it, maybe you will start craving chicken!
    Hi Annie, thats a very good practical solution, never thought of it before
    Hi Mira, so it was a chicken day yesterday!

  8. love your favorite photos - a great way to bring attention to other blogs... and that photo looks mighty like a savory wedding cake,eh?