Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday January 3, 2011

Grilled herring with tangy creamy polenta and salad
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Grilled herring with tangy creamy polenta and salad
Dinner: Tomato and red wine soup with sourdough croutons and steamed broccoli
Baking/sweets: Gingerbread flavoured scones, ice cream

I love herring, cooked in any way. Herring has a stronger flavour which I like, and it also has relatively high levels of omega-3, so its very good for your brain and heart!S almon, mackerel and sardines are up there as well in terms of omega-3 content.

I prepared herring by simply brushing with oil, sprinkling salt and grilling. Takes a few minutes and its done.

The tangy creamy polenta was an experiment. I first cooked tomato puree and garlic, then added water, polenta and mustard. When the polenta was cooked I added olive oil and apple cider vinegar. The ‘tarty’ polenta complimented the herring, it was light and refreshing.

The tomato and red wine soup was also an experiment. I have never heard of, nor tried this soup before. The problem is that most of the time I drink all the red wine so there’s no leftovers to cook with! The soup had tomato puree, red wine, garlic, Chinese 5-spice powder, water and salt. I liked it, probably more so because of the red wine…

Today’s sugar consumption was higher than I hoped for. I did experiment with different flavours and discovered that neither cinnamon nor cocoa pairs well with strawberry jam. Its still edible thought!

Today's Favourite Blog
Interesting discussion on pairing cheese with white wine, instead of red wine.

And here’s my 2 cents worth! White meat/white wine, red meat/red wine, so the ‘white’ cheese/white wine and dark (mouldy) cheese/red wine combination seems natural. There are restaurants pairing white meat with red wines (not the bold reds) and this is an exception. With cheeses it seems the exception has become the rule. Here’s my take from a nutritional perspective (and I am not a nutritionist). Red wine reduces risk of heart disease while cheeses perhaps increase it (very debatable). So a red wine/cheese combination has neutral effect on the heart:) 

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  1. Herring is a delicious fish!

  2. The tangy creamy polenta sounds quite interesting! Polenta is one of the foods I could have every week!

  3. purplebirdblog: it is delicious, and cheap as well. For now until it becomes a prized delicacy...

    Alina: thanks. I agree with you, polenta is nice and quite versatile, you can have it for breakfast (kasha!), lunch, dinner and dessert...