Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adzuki sprouts, almost congee and berry newton's

Sauteéd adzuki bean shoots with rice
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Sourdough toast and poached egg
Lunch: Sautéed lightly spiced adzuki bean sprouts with rice
Dinner: ‘Almost’ congee with mushroom, carrot and onion
Baking/sweets: Nil

The adzuki bean sprouts and onions were very quickly sautéed, seasoned with garlic, curry powder and paprika. It was crunchy and I am sure the bean sprouts were still growing until I ate it. For dinner I had ‘almost congee’. I was too hungry for the rice to go completely mush, it was halfway there. Still very delicious, the vege’s and stock added great flavour. Or maybe I was too hungry.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: masak-masak

Today's Favourite Blog
Before today if someone asked me if I liked Berry Newton’s, my response would have been something like “never heard of his songs before”. Berry Newton’s sounds like the name of a singer, maybe because of the resemblance to Olivia Newton-John. We never stop learning and today thanks goes to All Day I Dream About Food.

In Australia and New Zealand, and maybe other countries, Arnott’s has a similar product called spicy fruit roll. Same as Newton's but spicy. If I asked you if you liked spicy fruit roll, you will probably start to wonder what kind of strange product combines a roll with spices and fruits. Now you know.

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