Monday, February 21, 2011

ANZAC Cookies, vegan ice cream and chocolate croquettes

Macaroni with smoked sausage
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: missed
Lunch: Macaroni and lightly smoked sausage in tomato sauce
Dinner: Carrot soup

In yesterdays post I mentioned that I just finished my last batch of frozen double chocolate coffee daim cookie dough. And I wrote “I will for sure be making these again, perhaps quite soon. But definitely not after I finish writing this post.” Guess what happened after I finished writing the post! At around 145 in the morning freshly baked cookies came flying out of the oven. It wasn’t double chocolate coffee daim cookies but an equally tasty alternative, ANZAC Cookies. I think by saying that I will not be making it after the post, I subconsciously programmed my mind otherwise.

Here are the coconut oat drop cookies. Simple to make and very delicious, I will be posting the recipe soon.

Coconut oat drop cookies

Today's Favourite Photo
Vegan ice cream balls

Today’s Favourite Blog
If you have been to Scotland you will know that they just about fry anything. Deep fried mars bars originated in Scotland, I think. You can also find other oddities like deep fried pizza. Citrus and Candy has taken the Scottish culinary technique to another level with chocolate croquettes. These are frozen chocolate ganache which are battered and deep fried. It does sound delicious, just like its unfried cousin, chocolate lava cake. I don’t think I will be attempting this anytime soon but I like the creativity and concept.

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  1. That mac 'n cheese looks really good! Great choices!

  2. Ha, nothing like a bit of midnight baking to make the house smell nice to (eventually) wake up to :)

  3. Love the macaroni dish. Full of flavour.

  4. Great blog! I love coconut, will look out for recipe!

  5. The coconut oat drop cookies look tempting!

  6. ANZAC Cookies mmmm. that reminds me ANZAC Day (April 25) is near