Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blackbeans, polenta bread and banana spring rolls

Blackbean and tomato stew with polenta flat bread 

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Sourdough toast with eggplant and blue cheese spread
Lunch: Blackbean and tomato stew with polenta flat bread
Dinner: Fusilli with eggplant and blue cheese spread
Baking/sweets: Polenta flat bread

Meals today were fairly basic and straight forward. The eggplant and blue cheese spread which I prepared a couple of days ago finally finished. I will definitely be making these again. Its such a nice combination.

The polenta flatbread was absolutely fantastic, I hate to brag but I can't help it! It reminded me of flatbread that my grandmother made. It will join the queue of recipe backlogs that I need to clear - sourdough bread, coconut oat vanilla drop cookies and polenta flatbread.

Today's Favourite Photo
Banana Spring Rolls

Today’s Favourite Blog
Australian food bloggers seem to be getting more creative these days. Yesterdays favourite blog featured chocolate croquettes, which is deep fried chocolate ganache. And today it is banana spring rolls. Chinese restaurants have been serving deep fried bananas with deep fried ice cream. The spring roll version featuring crispy outer and soft inner is an upgrade in my opinion and may sit comfortably in a rated restaurant. And it looks pretty too. One observation which I should mention – both Aussie innovations which I featured the past two days involved deep frying!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my spring roll dish :)

  2. Your polenta flatbread looks tasty!

  3. Wow this black bean tomato tomato stew on a polenta flatbread sounds great! I haven't had black beans for ages!

  4. Ellie: you are most welcome
    yummychunklet: thank you, it was very tasty indeed
    Alina: its a subtle reminder:)

  5. That banana spring rolls is called Turon in Philippines, and its a lovely snack