Monday, February 28, 2011

Beetroot cupcake, panna cotta and kouglofs

Sautéed adzuki bean sprouts with roasted potatoes

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with kiwifruit and linseeds
Lunch: Sautéed adzuki bean sprouts with roasted potatoes
Dinner: Mushroom and onion pate on wholemeal sourdough toast
Baking/sweets: Beetroot cupcake, wholemeal sourdough

I made the beetroot cupcake using frozen dough that I prepared sometime ago. To increase the flavour I added bit more cooked beetroot. The cake was much more moist and flavourful. It had a very slight hint of earthiness. I am glad I didn’t add more beets, a stronger earthy flavour in a sweet cupcake is probably not particularly exciting.

Today's Favourite Photo
Panna Cotta with Oatmeal Florentines - a work of art.

Today’s Favourite Blog
An interesting post about kouglofs, a German/Austrian pastry that David describes as “one of the all-time best things I’ve ever eaten, anywhere.”

There must be something very special if it is described this way so naturally I looked up the recipe as soon as possible. Kouglofs just has a handful of ingredients which are pretty standard items in all pantries – flour, milk, egg, butter, sugar, raisins, yeast and salt. What makes kouglofs special is the proportion of ingredients – increase butter and reduce flour and you are bound to create a mind-blowing treat. Mystery solved, that was easy.

One other issue I liked about the post. David had kouglofs from a particular bakery more than 5 years ago, remembered it and went back. I immediately remembered my favourite bakeries where I used to buy bacon end egg pies and caramel slices more than 10 years ago. If I ever went back to the particular city in New Zealand, getting my hands on those pies and slices is the first thing I will do. Amazing how in spite of coming across all sorts of complex and sophisticated foods it is the basics that gets us most excited, most of the time anyway.


  1. Wow that Sautéed adzuki bean sprouts looks so flavourful.

  2. I will have to check out 'Today's Favourite Blog' I'm a big fan of David Lebovitz and anything he describes as “one of the all-time best things I’ve ever eaten, anywhere.” is bound to be outstanding.

  3. I love reading your food diary - even if I get a little jealous of all the amazing AND healthy things you whip up ! The cupcakes sound divine, I love beetroot in sweets.

  4. mr. pineapple man: thank you for visiting and your kind compliments
    angsarap: yes it was flavourful!
    Hester: I agree, its bound to be outstanding
    foodie and the chef: thank you, much appreciated
    Florian: thank you for visiting. Yes there is onions as well