Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steamed polenta bun, vienna donuts and churchkhelais

Pickled herring in garlic sauce with steamed polenta bun
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and linseeds
Lunch: Pickled herring in garlic sauce with steamed polenta bun
Dinner: Potato and blackbean stew
Baking/sweets: Steamed polenta bun, baked polenta bun

The steamed polenta bun was an experiment and it turned out OK. I steamed a basic polenta dough, it wasn’t very fluffy but tasty nevertheless.

A useful tip I recently discovered. I like to reduce the amounts required when baking otherwise I end up making and eating more than I should. Sometimes only a fraction of an egg is required. I freeze eggs in ice cube trays and one egg fits comfortably in two compartments. Yesterday I was able to use ¼ of an egg for the double chocolate coffee daim cookies. Freezing is also a great way to store extra eggs.

Today's Favourite Photo
Vienna  Donuts. I hope google translated this correctly. The website is in Polish but the picture is international! The english version of the recipe is available here

Today’s Favourite Blog
Learning about unusual desserts is fun. Churchkhelais is a treat from Caucasus that looks and sounds unusual. “Churchkhela is made by dipping strings of nuts or dried fruits into thickened grape juice with addition of flour; then Churchkhelas are dried in the sun or in a dry ventilated place. The grape juice that coats the filling is rubbery and very dense; it has a mildly sweet flavour and a subtle fruity smell.” And this is what it looks like.

It looks like a sausage. I have never come across churchkhelais, or maybe I did and thought it was sausage.


  1. I love polenta, made it yesterday and really my family have to have it at lest once a week. Everything looks so delicious!

  2. Wow those donuts look really good! The frost and the filling looks so yummy

  3. Ooo thanks for the egg freezing tip! I am totally guilty of baking more than I really need to have around! Those donuts look amazing. Wow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is a really great tip about the eggs. I often scale back recipes and end up needing something like 1 1/2 eggs. I'll have to try that one!

  5. Those donuts looks very special. The filling looks like a golden egg yolk. Amazing

  6. I have eaten similar donut, very very nice

  7. Thank you sooo much, I'm really glad you like the picture. The translation is perfect - and if you want to use the recipe I can make a quick translation. Best wishes!

  8. What an interesting product - churchkhelais - haven't even heard of it before today! Thanks!