Friday, February 25, 2011

Lentils, crescent rolls and banoffee

Rice and lentils

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with sultanas, toasted coconut, peanuts and linseeds
Lunch: Rice and lentils
Dinner: Spinach open sandwich
Baking/sweets: Vanilla coconut oat drop cookies, wholemeal bread

I haven’t been spending too much time in the kitchen lately. Because of work commitments I have been struggling to keep my head above the water, figuratively speaking. No, I am not a deep sea diver!

In spite of not having much time to cook I still prefer homemade meals. The rice and lentils I had for lunch was a simple one pot dish that required little attention during the cooking process. And the cookies were made with frozen dough. Cooking at home can be faster than eating out if we consider traveling and waiting time. If I wanted to have McDonalds or some other fast food it would take at least 20 minutes traveling time plus waiting time. On the other hand the meal I cooked at home required less than 20 minutes of my attention. So fast food is not always fast food.

Today's Favourite Photo
Rue tatin sweet crescent rolls

Today’s Favourite Blog
Todays favourite is again an innovative dish, and for the third time this week it originates from Australia. And all three Australian dishes were desserts. Today’s Aussie innovation is banoffee, short for bana-pecan-choc-offee pie. The name pretty much describes what the dessert is except for the ‘offee’ bit. There is no coffee, offee is short for toffee. Here is what banoffee looks like.

Hidden above the crust is a layer of dulce de leche. Biting into the pie without knowing this small bit of detail will most certainly give the lucky eater a very pleasant surprise.

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  1. I agree with your favorite photo today. I'm making those rolls tonight!

  2. Cute post , lovely blog and perfectly delicous choices!

  3. Ooooo, that is pretty photo of crescent rolls.

  4. Love the look of that Banoffee pie!

  5. Oh I am so thrilled that you like banoffee too... You're totally right about 'fast' food - how easy is it to grill fish or toss together some vegetables & quinoa/ pasta? My brother has just moved out of home and is struggling with this concept... lessons in cooking 101 are in order I think :)

  6. I love that motto - that fast food is not always fast! So true. I think your rice and lentils look delicious. Simple good food. As it should be.

  7. Cool-I'd never heard of a banhoffee before, but it looks fabulous!
    And lentils . . . oh, lentils. I adore them. =)

  8. Thanks for including me in your daily picks. I'm always thrilled. The pie and the lentils both sound amazing. I'm on my way to check them out. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. lentils are so underused, aren't they? I can taste them right now.

  10. yummychunklet: lucky you!
    sugar plum fairy: thank you very much for your kind compliments
    Christina: thanks for visiting, yes really lovely indeed
    Gourmet chick: thank you, actually I should be taking that credit:)
    foodie and the chef: I think so too, time for 101
    Joanne: fast food is slow food sometimes!
    jennaseverythingblog: thank you for visiting
    Mary: you are most welcome
    ++MIRA++: Yes they certainly are. And its good otherwise the price will go up:)