Saturday, February 26, 2011

Char Siew Pizza, Wasabi Ginger Brownie and disasters accidents

Pork Char Siew Pizza

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: wholemeal bread with jam
Lunch: Pork Char Siew Pizza
Dinner: Pasta with carrots and tomato sauce
Baking/sweets: double chocolate coffee daim cookies, polenta flatbread

We usually first eat with our eyes by looking at the food, with our minds after hearing the name and then finally physically eat the food. And its most wonderful when food looks good, sounds good and tastes good.

Pork char siew pizza – char siewy goodness and pizza combined into one. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I think so anyway. And does it look good in the photo? I am not particularly thrilled by it, the quality of the picture could be better. You may have a different opinion. And did it taste good? Oh, sorry, you didn’t join me for the meal. And lucky you, you avoided disappointment. If only I ate with just my mind today!

I used frozen char siew which I cooked some days earlier. I am not sure if this is the reason but the flavour and texture of the meat could have been a lot better, the char siewy goodness was missing. It was almost like eating a flavoured soft leather shoe, not that I have tried it before.

You don’t see much cheese in the photo. I really wanted the char siew to shine. Something did shine and it certainly wasn’t char siew or the cheese, but the pizza base. What a disappointment! To be fair to the pizza it was good but far from great, well below my expectations.

In the afternoon I decided to take to a break, redeem myself from my kitchen disaster and make one of my favourite cookies, double chocolate coffee daim cookies. Most of the time I reduce the amounts called for in a recipe otherwise I would end up eating amounts that will give doctors a heart attack. For the cookies I used only a quarter of all the ingredients, well that’s what I should have done. I halved the amount of flour, coffee and chocolate drink mix. The dough was very crumbly but with excess force I managed to shape it. And they surprisingly turned out pretty good, not great but pretty good. Thankfully the afternoon ended on quite a high, thanks to the double dose of chocolate and a generous dose of coffee.

Today's Favourite Photo
Wasabi and Crystallized Ginger Dark Chocolate Brownies

Today’s Favourite Blog
With many billions of people in the world and tens of thousands of food bloggers, similar experiences and common interests starts to make the world seem a lot smaller. I am not the only one who had kitchen disasters. Form V Artisan’s tart exploded. Due to a miscalculation too much filling went into the pie crust. According to Form V Artisan it tasted good but didn’t look good. To redeem herself, Form V Artisan made spiced sweet potato pie muffins which was a runaway success.

Carolyn’s baking day could have been better, or maybe she has high expectations. Her mocha crunch bars were “bit too rich-tasting and the mocha flavour doesn't come through enough”. With much hesitation I consider this a kitchen disaster, only just though.

And I saved the best for last, a non-food disaster which I would have loved to witness (just an innocent statement!). Joy the Baker tore off her shirt on Main Street in Santa Monica. And during broad daylight. You don’t see this happening very often. A very lucky bee managed to find its way inside her shirt. And to redeem herself Joy the Baker made a Lemon Cornmeal Breakfast Cake.

All disasters had a sweet ending, literally.
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  1. I'm sorry your pizza didn't turn out the way you liked! It definitely sounds like it should have been delicious! Then again...I'm a char siew fanatic.

    Thanks for featuring my photo! I appreciate it!

  2. Pork char siew pizza sounds interesting! I only had pork char siew BBQ and I know it's good :)

  3. An Asian twist to a pizza. Very innovative!

  4. ping: thats a very creative name, wish I thought of it earlier
    Joanne: I am sorry too!:)
    Sreisaat: thanks, char siew is delicious
    Victor: thank you, unfortunately the taste was a bit of a let down

  5. Brilliant! It looks yummy! I didn't know it could be done like this.