Friday, February 4, 2011

Mantou, banana cranberry and Chinese New Year

Mantou with mushroom and onion omelette
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with kiwi fruit and linseeds
Lunch: Mantou with mushroom and onion omelette
Dinner: Pasta with spinach, blackbeans and tomato mustard sauce
Baking/sweets: Three 3 ingredient oatmeal cookies with chocolate topping

The lunch ‘burger’ was nice, though I am a bit hesitant to call it a burger. The bun was different and there was no burger patty and the usual condiments that goes with it. I recently read an article discussing the definition of burger and sandwich. Someone called a burger a sandwich and received severe criticism. So one needs to be careful. It is interesting that certain nationalities call pizza’s pies. Cookies are called biscuits. To order pie and receive pizza is acceptable. So is receiving a cookie when a biscuit is ordered. Order a sundae in Korea or an anchovy in Sweden and you will be in for a pleasant surprise, probably unpleasant.

3 ingredient oatmeal cookies with chocolate topping
Today's Favourite Photo

Banana Cranberry Bread with an Amaretto Glaze

Today's Favourite Blog
Chinese New Year celebrations have just begun and it’s a 15 day mission. According to Wikipedia Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Chinese calendar. Apart from sampling free sweets and snacks I have little exposure of what really happens. Not any more. Quay Po Cooks gives a glimpse into how her family celebrates, with lots of pictures. Yesterday (day 1) was the Ang Pau day when envelopes containing money was handed out. I missed my chance to get rich quick this year, but already made a note in the calendar for next year! Day 2 is a vegetarian day, an 'internal' cleanup after the big feast on day 1. Lot of fun times coming up.

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  1. Your Mantou look so pretty and really mouth watering.

  2. One thing about food is that it can bring people together and take down language barriers (in some ways) but in other ways it's interesting to learn that say a cookie in Oz is called a biscuit. If I did order a biscuit and got a cookie I would be most extatic! I'm going to have to try those oatmeal cookies, by the way. I'm so glad you shared that!

  3. I love your lunch today, I love Mantous!

  4. What a great blog you have! Thank you for commenting on my blog, and I look forward to your future posts!

  5. Wow that mantou looks fantastic - great lunch!

  6. When I was a teenager my dad lived in Hong Kong and on one of the visits we stopped at a Pizza Hut. In said Pizza Hut and for your pizza you had your choice of marinara sauce or .... Thousand Island Dressing. Admittedly, when I splurge on greasy pizza I do like to dip it in Ranch but.. wow.

    I love that you featured Quay Po Cooks, I absolutely adore her site!

  7. What great meals you had! Very healthy and so original.

    That mantou looks terrific and so does the cranberry bread.