Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beijing Roast Duck and cow human milk

Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with toasted coconut, banana, sunflower seeds and linseeds
Lunch: Spicy soya beans and bulgur (leftovers)
Dinner: Pickled carrots, rolled oats with toasted coconut, banana, sunflower seeds and linseeds
Baking/sweets: oat sweets etc

I managed to eat a 500 gram bag of potato chips in two days. I am saying this for the record, it is not something I am proud of. Sure it was really nice though in hindsight I wish I didn’t finish it all so that I could have some now! Chips is one of those things – once you start you can’t stop.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Beijing Roast Duck

Today’s Favourite Blog
On March 1, I wrote about baby gaga, an ice cream made with human milk. Now it starts to get even more interesting. Scientists in China “have created a herd of cows that can produce milk that has characteristics of human milk.” The scientists plan to have this on the market in 2 years time so soon we could be having our morning cereal with human cow milk.

Consumers were not very enthusiastic about baby gaga and similar products. But since humans can sometimes be irrational, it is possible that human milk from cows will be popular. Time will tell. In any case this should be a very interesting assignment for marketing professionals.


  1. That roast duck looks so amazing!

  2. Yeah, same as me, I love chips one I opened a big bag of it, I will definitely not stop until I finish it all. Thats why I dont buy them when we go to the grocery.

  3. I'm the same way around any snack food...which is why I try to resist that first bite to begin with. It's the only way!