Monday, April 4, 2011

Bulgur Salad, Red Velvet Waffles, 8 Superfoods You Probably Aren’t Eating

Bulgur Salad
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with toasted coconut, raisins, peanuts and flaxseeds
Lunch: Bulgur, chickpea, pickled carrot and cornichon salad
Dinner: Pasta with spinach
Baking/sweets: Chocolates

After two days of moderately unhealthy eating today was a recovery day. The only slippage today was the consumption of chocolates. Sure the cocoa in chocolates are good for you, but there are some less desirable companions. It is like having friends who come with less desirable friends. Its all part of the package!

Today's Favourite Photo
Red Velvet Waffles with sweet cream cheese mousse, toasted pecans and molasses bourbon cherries

Today's Favourite Blog
Care2 has a post titled "8 Superfoods You Probably Aren't Eating ". The 8 food items are spirulina, hemp seeds, adzuki beans, kukicha twig tea, ghee, fenugreek, grapefruits and Jerusalem artichokes.

There are familiar as well as unusual items but the presence of ghee in the list intrigues me. Ghee is clarified butter. Is this a super-food? The article mentions ghee's benefits as promoting memory, intelligence, digestion and bolstering the immune system. However the article makes no reference to ghee's artery clogging properties. 

To be fair the evidence against saturated fat seems to be non-conclusive. I haven't done detailed research into this so this is my thought only, without scientific backing. Perhaps ghee in moderation is good, perhaps it is a super-food. Unfortunately this is food science, there is no right answer, it depends on who you speak to. In any case if you love butter or ghee this should put a smile on your face!


  1. Wow. I thought I was eating a lot of the superfoods, but I admit, I haven't eaten any of those listed.

  2. ghee is a superfood?! Gosh, who'd have thought.

  3. I think the only 'superfood' I'm eating is grapefruit! : ) Those Red Velvet waffles are singin my name!!

  4. yummychunklet: and I haven't heard of some of the foods like spirulina
    Ping: according to the author, yes. I still put a question mark next to it
    Holly: 1 out of 8 aint bad:)

  5. Wow! That's a first for red velvet waffles. But why not?!

  6. interesting- ghee- really a superfood? I don't buy that, but unsaturated fats do help with brain cells among others- so far fetched from science I think!

    i like the molasses bourbon cherries!