Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muesli wine, chocolate banana cake and food and cocaine addiction

Broiled cured salmon with polenta
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Muesli
Lunch: Broiled cured salmon with polenta
Dinner: Muesli, pickled carrots

Sometimes when cooking I add random ingredients that either I see lying around or which appear in my mind. And this is how ginger and white wine mingled with my polenta. Polenta with ginger was nice. Just wine and polenta might have been nice but wine together with ginger didn’t do any miracles. The ginger overpowered the wine so it was basically a waste of wine. More wine, or reduced wine might have worked better.

This 'food innovation' continued. During dinner I decided to add white wine to my muesli, together with milk. This was good, though I don’t plan to change my breakfast habits. The good thing about using wine in ‘raw’ form is that the alcohol remains so it is like having a glass of wine while eating muesli, except there is one less item to wash. And even better, this could be a healthy and effective hangover remedy, to complement other remedies I discussed here! And it could end up encouraging adults to eat more muesli. Now that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Today's Favourite Photo
Chocolate banana cake

Today’s Favourite Blog
Certain foods are addictive, and these foods affect the same areas of the brain that cocaine addiction affects, according to a recent study. In other words the addiction of certain foods and cocaine are comparable. Considering that cocaine and other drugs are very addictive, this poses a challenge for those addicted to certain foods.

While the study did not specify the types of foods, chocolate milkshakes were used in the research. The study also found that the addiction is more profound in woman.

Now I understand why it is so difficult to stop eating certain foods once you start.  


  1. Always good to experiment even if it doesn't always work out!

  2. That salmon looks wonderful. I'd love to have a serving of it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Haha the title containing "cocaine" certainly got my attention. Very interesting to know! That chocolate banana cake looks deeeevine

  4. Love the color of the bananas in the cake!

  5. Love the salmon! thanks for the info on food addiction :)

  6. Ginger and polenta? That sounds so intriguing to me! And delicious.

  7. Two of my all time favorites are salmon and polenta. They look awfully good together!

  8. Gourmet Chick: agree, thats how we learn!
    Mary: unfortunately there was no leftovers:)
    Xiaolu: it would have gotten my attention as well!
    yummychunklet: its quite bright yellow, tree ripened perhaps since its from Singapore
    Jen: you are welcome, hope the info is useful!
    Joanne: there is only one way to find out...
    Maris: yes they are a good couple!

  9. Boozy muesli! I think you may have cornered the market there. My brain instantly goes to pink wine and raspberries in there too... Now that's my kind of breakfast