Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicken and bacon cookies and bad foods you should eat

Chicken and bacon cookies
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with toasted coconut and raisin
Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce
Dinner: chilli con carne, hummus, crisp bread 
Baking/sweets: Rice pudding cake with coconut shortbread base and coconut chocolate glaze, chicken and bacon cookies, cauliflower and bacon cookies

I have made unusual things before but chicken and bacon cookies has taken it to new heights for me. It feels a little strange to call these cookies. I cannot call them chicken croquettes because they are not, so I will stick with chicken cookies. Or perhaps I can call these chicken chip cookies!

The cookies are made the same way as regular cookies, minus the sugar and most of the flour is replaced by bread crumbs and rice flour. I took it to a party and it disappeared like hot cakes! I will post the recipe shortly.

The recipe for the  rice pudding is available here. Most rice coconut pudding recipes use coconut milk instead of regular milk. This recipe is different since the rice pudding is made the regular way (with regular milk!) and there is a coconut shortbread base as well as a chocolate coconut glaze. In this way you get the rice pudding and coconut taste, separate but together, if that makes sense.

Today's Favourite Photo

Today’s Favourite Blog
Bad foods you should be eating – a timely post. There are too many articles on bad foods we should not eat, this is a nice change. The foods listed are not bad obviously, otherwise the writer would not advocate eating those. The 9 items are peanut butter, eggs, beef, chocolate, potatoes, coffee, nuts, bread and corn.

I was actually a little disappointed with the article since I know already that none of these foods are bad, if chosen carefully. I was hoping to see real bad items on the list such as lots of bacon, cookies, cakes …

I do know lots of people who will be shocked by some of the items on the list. I remember a friend hesitant to eat peanut butter thinking it contains cholesterol. When I told him there is no cholesterol, he overdid it by eating almost the whole jar!


  1. Looking forward to your chicken and bacon cookie recipe! My sister loves that food combo.

  2. Chicken and bacon cookies are so creative. Can't wait to try! Also, stunning rice pud! Love the coconut and the daim glaze.

  3. I think Chicken and bacon cookies is a great idea, I guess any food with bacon rocks!

  4. Again, such a unique idea with the chicken and bacon cookies. Very intrigued!