Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rice pudding cake, red currant walnut sheet cake and Samuel Adams microfinance

Cauliflower and smoked sausage fu yung with rice
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Rolled oats with toasted coconut, raisin and apricot jam
Dinner: Cauliflower and smoked sausage fu yung with rice

Today was a relatively lazy baking day, frozen cookie dough and rice pudding cake came to the rescue. I have never tested cookies and cakes made freshly and from frozen dough side by side to see how freezing affects the dough. It seems to have no impact, which is a good thing.

Today's Favourite Photo
Red currant walnut sheet cake  

Today’s Favourite Blog
It is quite interesting to read that The Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams, has set up a microfinance facility where up to a million dollars will be lent to budding food, beverage, and hospitality entrepreneurs. The loan amount has to be between $500 to $25,000. 

Most if not all major breweries have a social responsibility program but this is probably the first to target entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry in the US. By lending, the company will promote entrepreneurship which is a good thing. And this is also a very strategic move since the borrowers will become more loyal to the company and these could be future customers. It’s a great win-win solution. 


  1. That red currant cake looks fabulous! love the color. wish i could find currants around here.

  2. I like your fav blog of the day. It's a great read.

  3. I'm glad to know you can freeze cookie dough with no affect on its deliciousness! That red currant cake is gorgeous.