Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ginger dark syrup cake, vanilla cream strawberry coulis and food contamination

Pasta with chicken in red curry tomato sauce
Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Cauliflower and smoked sausage fu yung with rice
Lunch: Pasta with chicken in red curry tomato sauce
Dinner: Bulgur, soyabean,  pickled carrot, pickled onion and cornichon salad
Baking/sweets: Ginger dark syrup cupcake with ginger syrup, ginger coconut cupcake

The cupcakes I made today was based on the basic coconut cake recipe. The recipe is excellent, it uses 4 ingredients only and butter is not one of them. I varied the recipe by adding ginger and dark syrup, just to try different combinations. Both versions were great. While the cupcakes were small, half of a regular size, I ended up eating both plus some other sweets. So today was a day of excess sugar consumption.

Ginger dark syrup cupcake with ginger syrup

When I buy sugar I write the date of purchase on the package. I bought a 1 kg bag on Jan 27 and its almost finished. Unfortunately I don’t keep track of other sugar based items that I purchase - golden syrup, dark syrup and daim chocolate drink mix. I make a note of the purchase date to keep track and to also feel good, especially when 1 kg lasts more than a month.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Light vanilla cream, strawberry coulis and thyme jelly

Today’s Favourite Blog
There are concerns regarding food contaminated by radiation. Restaurants have reported decline in sales. Eric Ripert has gone to the extent of buying a radiation detector (source: Huffington Post). ieatishootipost has a very comprehensive article discussion radiation. Without going into any detail the conclusion is that “the current levels of radiation found in the veggies from Japan are really so small that they are unlikely to cause cancer even if they are ingested”. To put into perspective, if an adult ate 3.5kg of vegetables that were detected to have radiation of 100 bq/kg, the person would receive a similar level of radiation exposure of one X-ray. The person would need to consume 184 kg of these vegetables to receive an exposure level equivalent to the normal background radiation a person is exposed to in a year.

Since I am not a scientist I have no opinion on these issues. As a result I rely on bans put by the government. Governments generally adopt a really strict (safe) level so I feel comfortable that any food coming into the country is safe, even if there might be traces of radiation. But thats just my personal opinion.


  1. That syrup cake looks fantastic - love it.

  2. Interesting you used red curry tomato sauce in pasta, what a great idea, havent tried it before but looks like it would make a great sauce for a pasta.

  3. Hey! You broke away from your usual breakfast! :P