Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red curry vegetable fried rice, green tea chiffon cake and bacōn

Red curry vegetable fried rice
 Today's Food Diary
Breakfast: Rolled oats with toasted coconut, raisins and flaxseeds
Lunch: Red curry vegetable fried rice
Dinner: Rolled oat sourdough bread with butter and jam, cornichons

I used red curry paste to spice up the fried rice, and the paste performed the required task well. With regards to cooking and eating today, this was the highlight, the most exciting thing that happened all day!

Today's Favourite Photo
Source:  Nasi Lemak Lover
Green Tea chiffon cake with red bean cream

Today's Favourite Blog
There are two things you can do if you want to smell like bacon – cook bacon, and the other obvious way is by purchasing a bottle of bacōn, the bacon perfume. This is not a belated April fools joke, it actually does exist. And at US$36 per bottle it does not come cheap. 

The concept is actually not that ridiculous. Some chefs do use smells to invoke certain senses. The smell of bacon will certainly affect our senses, and I am guessing in a positive way for most people. While the concept makes sense I don't see myself going to business meetings in the foreseeable future smelling of bacon!

One note of caution. If this is presented knowingly or unknowingly to vegetarians, animal activists and people from certain religious backgrounds, it may have undesirable side effects. Bacōn needs to be used with care.


  1. That curry fried rice looks great! And I've never seen anything like that green tea cake!! wow!

  2. The curry fried rice looks great! The green tea chiffon cake sounds very interesting and would love to try it.. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Thanks so much for choosing my green tea chiffon as your favourite photo. Oh, red curry vegetable fried rice, sound so yummy! Have a nice day ahead..

  4. I love fried rice! You photo looks really good!
    The cake looks great, very satisfying!

  5. I recently bought some red curry paste but haven't tried it yet. This rice looks like a good place to try it.

  6. Bacon perfume? Who knows, there might be durian perfume soon ... and I'm going to pass out.

  7. You got me to gasp when I saw the green tea cake!I must try a piece of that!

  8. Holly: thank you, its a nice change to see green after the red velvets
    Catherine: thank you
    Sonia: you are most welcome
    timing: yes, I had the same initial reaction
    sanya: thank you!
    candy girl: Good luck! I am sure you will love it
    ping: I didn't think of that. Durian perfume could be a good present for your least favourite friends:)
    Maris: me too, I have never tried it!