Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beef quesadilla, Key Lime Swirl Cheesecake and Let Them Eat Cake

Beef quesadilla
Food Diary (May 9, 2011)
Breakfast: Boiled egg with flaxseed rye sourdough
Lunch: Beef quesadilla and taco with chorizo
Dinner: Mixed veges in oyster sauce with flaxseed rye sourdough, muesli

The Mexican lunch was excellent. I went to a restaurant that claims to be the only Mexican taqueria in Sweden, the only one that makes authentic and fresh Mexican tacos. I have never eaten authentic Mexican food so I have no choice but to accept their claim until I visit Mexico. The restaurant looked pretty ‘authentic’ with wooden tables and benches instead of the classy architecture that taco bell and others have. The price unfortunately was not authentic Mexican, quite far from it. In any case the food was excellent.

Only the beef quesadilla is in the photo, the taco was camera shy and hid in my stomach before I got the opportunity to take a photo. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Key Lime Swirl Cheesecake Bars

Today’s Favourite Blog
There is growing publicity on children eating junk food, drinking flavoured milk and the list goes on and on, so does the publicity. Finally an article discussing the other side of the coin, why it is OK for kids to be allowed to eat junk food. And I fully agree with what is written. The article is titled “Let Them Eat Cake (Why Junk Food Is OK For Kids, In Moderation)”.

The key word is moderation. Excess consumption is bad, so is depriving consumption.

The article discusses in detail what happens to kids who are deprived. There is slight exaggeration but the point is made loud and clear. In school if kids say they won’t eat something because its unhealthy more likely than not other kids will force them. Life for such kids can become quite miserable. 

If kids are deprived of something, it becomes forbidden and they may want to have it even more. Adam did with the red apple, we humans have not changed since. 

I remember my pet dog Bell. He was awesome. Anyway when he was not allowed to leave our compound he would look for any opportunity to escape, becoming a pro at digging holes under the fence. And we had to be super careful each time we opened the gate. On the other hand when he was given freedom, we did not try to escape, obviously. He would go and come back. We can learn from our pet dogs.


  1. Once again you make me want to go raid the frig!

  2. That Mexican lunch looks so good!

  3. That quesadilla looks good. I love Mexican food! I will have to read that article. I completely agree with everything in moderation. You cannot deny yourself or anyone else everything.

  4. Your keylime swirl cheesecake looks so pretty!

    Also, I agree that everything in moderation is key. Deprivation just makes the mind want it all the more.

  5. Your lunch must have been delicious! I like Mexican food, but try to avoid it in restaurants: they always put tons of oil and cheese. I prefer to make it at home, but since I have no idea how the real Mexican food should taste like, it's probably not very Mexican ;-)
    I totally agree with the article. Even the adults who try to eliminate completely some kinds of food they love (for ex. to get slimmer), end up devouring this food in huge amounts and putting on weight. All things in moderation and moderation in all things.

  6. The color in that cheesecake is remarkable. What we call an eyeopener :-). Your lunch sounds delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Hahaha poor taco... eaten by you before photo shoot! LOL. Mexican food in California is pretty good price, but I have tried Mexican food in Japan and oh boy that was an expensive food... So I totally understand Mexican food in Sweden. At least you enjoyed the food and it was worth the price. :-)

  8. I agree with moderation in all things, too. There is nothing wrong with treats, but treats only stay that way when they are only served once in a while.

    That lime cheesecake...wow!

  9. Your swirl key lime cheesecake looks perfectly wonderful!
    Thank U for stopping by my page.. I enjoyed your nice page too ^_^

  10. These key lime swirl cheesecakes are so fun!

  11. I love that swirls on that cheesecake!