Monday, May 9, 2011

Jellied Pork Trotters and Duff Goldman 1962 Corvette

Coconut cornflake cookies
Food Diary (May 8, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed
Lunch: Adzuki beans potatoes and mixed veges in red curry (without coconut milk)
Dinner: Flaxseed rye sourdough with leftover lunch, muesli
Baking/sweets: Coconut cornflake cookies 

Food bloggers generally seem to be open minded. I say this based on my very limited sample. I did not get any negative comments or emails regarding my post yesterday on Afghan cookies. There was nothing wrong or insensitive about the post, however it would have touched a sensitive nerve if circulated to a wider audience.

The cornflake coconut cookies were excellent, crunchy , coconutty and cornflaky. Recipe will follow soon. I have decided to make a permanent change to my baking terminology. From now on I will not use the term ‘preheat oven’, instead it will be just ‘heat oven’. I cannot get my head around to understanding how to preheat an oven but I do know how to heat an oven. An analogy. To pre-cook chicken means to cook and then stop cooking. If one continues the cooking process its not precooking but just cooking. Small technical detail. Perhaps bakers are trying to sound sophisticated like lawyers and use bigger words. Or maybe there is logic in writing ‘preheat’ which I do not seem to understand. In any case I understand the concept and logic.

Adzuki beans potatoes and mixed veges in red curry

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Jellied Pork Trotters  

Today’s Favourite Blog
This is little hilarious, or perhaps not. Duff Goldman, the star of "Ace of Cakes" had his car stolen. It is a 1962 Corvette, jet-black with a red leather interior, like a red velvet cake with black frosting. 

As an incentive Duff is offering birthday cakes for life to anyone who finds the car or returns it. Is this an attractive offer? Unless the cake is comparable to those made for high end clientele worth many dollars, it probably is worth less than the car. And the incentive is even lesser if there are expected to be only a few birthdays remaining. 

In any case at least he is creative and has something attractive to offer, thanks to his profession. Professionals like funeral directors may have to think a bit more creatively. 


  1. Great menu. Those pork trotters look excellent.

  2. Wow! This is my very first time seeing Azuki in meals as long as I remember... Sounds great! Japanese use Azuki mainly in sweets/baking/snacks, so this dish caught my great attention. How come we never thought of putting in food? Wonderful post!

  3. Those jellied pork trotters looks new to me, I guess that might have tasted so good.

  4. i've never tried jellied pork trotters! interesting! the coconut cookies look yum

  5. Huh. Now that you bring it up, why DO we say preheat? Weird.

    Those cookies look delicious!

  6. I wish I could find Duff's car. What a treat to have birthday cakes for life!

  7. Never thought about the word "preheat", now of course I will be self-conscious about it. Kind-of like the word "unthaw", when someone says "I'm going to unthaw a chicken". What the heck does that mean? I believe that would mean you are going to freeze it again. Oh, I can get hung up on words. :-) The adzuki beans and potatoes looks delicious.


  8. Busted. I use 'preheat' all the time. It was the first thing my granny used to say when we'd start cooking. "First thing's first- preheat the oven!" and from there, it's stuck. NB, I'd go for cakes for life.

  9. I have never thought about "preheating". You are completely right. Maybe it made sense a long time ago when baking techniques were different? Jellied pig trotters seem like a very international dish: they are also very popular in the Polish cuisine. Personally I love jellied chicken!

  10. All of this food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing. You have a great blog and I'm looking forward to exploring more of your recipes! :)

  11. Haha, the economist in me goes straight to the bit about 'incentives' in your post! I agree, maybe it could depend on their relative valuations and hidden information...? Grasping at straws here :p

  12. Nami: looks like the world is changing. Now we see bacon, avocado etc in sweets and desserts. Time for adzuki to become part of a meal?

  13. Xinmei : That could be an interesting exercise to value the cakes. Need actuarial skills along with so many other factors. This could be more difficult to value than the most complicated company?