Saturday, May 28, 2011

Buah Salak/Snake Fruit and Yum! Brands no more BPA

Rye flax seed sourdough with fish pâté
Food Diary (May 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Rye flax seed sourdough with fish pâté
Dinner: Pita bread with sautéed mushrooms
Baking/sweets: ‘oat sweets’

While writing the favourite blog section today I realized the importance of taking a holistic perspective when assessing whether we are eating healthy or not. Eating healthy and doing something unhealthy such as sleeping immediately after the meal or having 10 beers is probably not much better than eating unhealthy and doing exercise. I know this is common sense but most times the focus is only on food, not what happens, or does not happen, afterwards. In a similar manner buying locally is not necessarily better for the environment. I blogged about this in January. You can read more here.

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Buah Salak or Snake Fruit – an exotic fruit, a really exotic fruit.

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Care2
For those of us who are health conscious, watching what we eat is one part of the story, there are other factors that contribute to the overall health effects. Eating at KFC may or may not be healthy, what happens immediately after when the receipt is handled is not healthy. Confused?

Yum! Brands, the owner of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, has agreed to eliminate the use of BPA-laden receipt paper. BPA is used in the food and beverage industry for its ability to prevent contamination while extending the shelf life of canned products. It can also reduce the life span of humans that consume the canned products whose shelf life was extended by BPA.

Tests have shown that handling receipts with wet or greasy fingers absorbed about 10 times more BPA. Next time you eat chicken it might be good to wash your hands properly before paying, or get someone else to pay, your enemy preferably. You should wash your hands even if there is no BPA in the receipt, its good hygiene!


  1. The crumb on that sourdough looks incredible... Thanks for reminding me that I don't eat sourdough nearly enough! I'm definitely craving a thick slice, toasted, and topped with avocado and coarse sea salt now.

  2. Everything looks great but not loving the snake fruit!

  3. Oy.... snake fruit really looks like snake... we just saw a dead rattle snake on our driveway and I got so scared.... It's amazing there are fruits just like snakes! Very first time seeing this picture.

  4. The snake fruit looks more than exotic! It looks scary! So scary I would love to try it!
    I have never heard of the unhealthy receipt papers! You always find such interesting information!