Friday, May 27, 2011

Snickerdoodle Blondies, Candwich and Chocolate Eclair Cake

Beans and chips
Food Diary (May 26, 2011)
Breakfast: Rye bread
Lunch: Beans and chips
Dinner: Pita bread with spinach
Baking/sweets: ‘oat sweets’

Beans and chips sounds almost like fish and chips, though it was not intended to be the vegetarian version of fish and chips. Beans and chips is actually no competitor to the real thing though it is delicious in a different way.

Today's Favourite Photo
Snickerdoodle Blondies

Today’s Favourite Blog
Peanut butter and jelly is now available in can form. Inside the candwich can there is peanut butter and jelly, a roll and utensils for preparing the candwich. The can looks a bit like the pringles can. At $12 for 4 sandwiches it is not cheap. Personally if I really wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich I would buy a jar and some bread. And if I was out and there was no utensils, I would happily use my fingers. The thought of extra packaging does not excite me. I am surprised at this innovation considering the debate regarding environmental issues as well as school nutrition. I won’t be surprised if kids are attracted to this and would prefer that this be made part of their lunch. For some kids peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be healthier than what they are presently eating, but that’s another issue. 

I wonder if we will see canburger next.

Today's Favourite Recipe – Chocolate Éclair Cake
I come across interesting recipes quite often. I used to keep a record with the expectation of trying the recipe later but it does not work, the list just gets bigger and I eventually delete it. Instead I get pleasure by looking at photos, reading about it and then imagining eating it! I’ve decided to share the most interesting recipes that I come across. In this way I share it with you and also keep a record for me to try later perhaps. 

Today I saw an interesting recipe for Chocolate Eclair Cake at Flour Dusted. Its not difficult to prepare and for me personally it brings back memories from a drunken school farewell party!


  1. Those Snickerdoodle Blondies are indeed delightful. Isn't it amazing how foods we ate can bring back sweet memories?

  2. Candwich? I can't imagine what they will come up with next!

  3. Ooh, I'll have to try that chocolate eclair cake!

  4. Beans and chips sounds good to me! Baked beans is always a source of comfort food thru the years..... for me, anyway.

  5. Looking at your beans and chips makes my already feel guilty :-) It looks so good...
    I love chocolate eclairs, thanks for sharing the recipe link!

  6. PB+J in a CAN?!?!? Can we, as a society, get any lazier?

  7. Candwich and canburger....hmm, they sound rather dubious inventions. I better keep my kids from hearing such developments in the food industry! LOL. I also saw that Eclair Cake and guess what, I've bookmarked it too in the hope of someday making it...

  8. Cholocate eclairs are already great and making it a cake definitely brings it up a notch higher!

  9. Hm, I can do beans and chips! Your beans look delicious and I will not pass french fries too. :-)