Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coffee Coconut Cookie, Bak Kwa and Exploding Watermelons

Easy Coffee Coconut Cookie
Food Diary (May 17, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with coconut, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds 
Lunch: Red curry white bean and potato with rice
Dinner: Cauliflower omelet with rye sourdough

Recently I had been wondering whether coffee and coconut would make a good couple, or would the marriage result in disaster. I did a search for similar marriages and did not find many cookie recipes involving both coconut and coffee. Either very few people have thought of it before and I am one of the pioneers, or it was tried, tested and not tried again. I would like to think I am a pioneer but the latter option seems more realistic. 

I decided the give the coconut coffee marriage a test run, it was an arranged marriage. The verdict – the marriage was certainly not a disaster, neither was it a resounding success. The cookies were great though I sensed a slight personality clash. Both coconut and coffee have strong personalities.

I made enough dough for 6 cookies, I tried 3 baked like a normal cookie and 3 frozen dough. Cooked cookie was much better. If I could turn back time I would choose to have plain coconut cookies and set up a date between coffee and chocolate. It works better, the previous coffee chocolate date in the form of double chocolate coffee daim cookie was a success.  

I haven’t given up yet. Coconut and cappuccino may work since the milk (dairy) helps to bring together the two strong coconut coffee personalities, like a child or pet could do in a troubled marriage. 

Red curry white bean and potato with rice

Today's Favourite Photo
Bak Kwa / Long Yok (Malaysian Pork ‘Jerky’)

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: BBC
Watermelons are exploding in China, not because of molecular gastronomy though chemicals could potentially be involved.

Watermelons in eastern China began to explode one by one, with farms losing acres of fruit because of the problem. A China Central Television report blames overuse of a chemical that helps fruit grow faster. Perhaps the fruits tried to grow too fast. However chemical-free melons were also exploding.  

If the problem is due to chemicals, then on a positive note it is a good thing that it exploded before reaching the consumers. In any case, with or without chemicals, farmers livelihoods have been affected.


  1. hahaha watermelons exploding!

    I too have tried the coffee coconut marriage but find the same, neither fantastic nor a poor match persay.

    more experimentation is required, maybe they need to learn to love each other.

  2. Laural: “they need to learn to love each other.” Really, but they are cookies:) I guess if they don’t, we should learn to love them or just forget about them and move on to other cookies:)

  3. Haha! I love your reply to Laural ... well said. I also read about the exploding melons. That should be a sight to behold! I'd love to see that tho. Organic fireworks! Whoa, imagine getting hit by a large piece of the fruit! Sorry, imagination gone haywire.

  4. I love the way you approached the whole cookie marriage thing :)
    There is something crazy happening everyday in this world. Now exploding fruit!

  5. Coffee and coconut...hmmmm, I am not one to comment since I am not fan of either..LOL:P
    The pork jerky can be found in lots of shops in Malaysia; and there are so many brands of them available.
    Yikes, it mnust have been a messy affair; with the watermelon exploding!:)

  6. Wow thats a mutant watermelons, it reminds me of the cubic watermelons in Japan.

  7. ping: organic and inorganic fireworks since even the chemical watermelons exploded!
    Ilke: I wonder what we will see next
    Christy: maybe you will like them together? Probably not but we never know!
    angsarap: cubic watermelons?

  8. I love the idea of coffe and coconut together! (Though I've never thought of it.) However, the cappuccino and coconut combo sounds even better :D Anyway, your cookies are beautiful - I love their thickness :)

  9. Coffee and Coconut are very tempting. The cookies look fabulous anyway!! I am very curious about the cappuccino mixture.
    I love the pork jelly photo and am wondering if it's the same thing a friend brought me several times from the US, but is was Indonesian I think or maybe from Singapore... - it was also red, made of pork, dry and chewy and hot! I loved it!!!! (it looked very similar). Must read the recipe, prepare it and compare it!
    The exploding watermelons sound very funny at the beginning. Then, once thinks there must be chemical products involved and probably the farmers don't realise that there must be some chemicals in the soil from previous years...

  10. Sissi: what you had sounds similar - dry, chewy, hot and tasty. I have tried it in Singapore and Malaysia and to me it tastes similar. Re watermelons - and perhaps airborne chemicals.

  11. Coconut cappuccino...now that is a flavor combo I'd like to see! Although, I've had coconut-infused coffee before and I actually really like it!

  12. Love the color of the bak kwa!

  13. Have always been partial to a cup of coffee with some coconut cake. I think with some therapy, they could learn to support each other better...

  14. Haha, the combination sounds delicious though. But I'm fine with just coconut cookies and I'll have some with my coffee. :-) Mixing up in my tummy and it's same? Just kidding. Your cookies look so delicious... I should go sleep before I go search some cookies in pantry!