Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easy 4 ingredient coconut cookie and gobble

Easy 4 ingredient coconut cookie
Food Diary (May 14, 2011)
Breakfast: Missed 
Lunch: Vegetable and egg fried rice
Dinner: Potatoes and lentil with tomato salad

In yesterdays post I mentioned an easy 4 ingredient coconut cookie recipe which I was going to post next week after giving the recipe another test drive. Next week came today, I could not resist the opportunity to test some this afternoon. The cookies passed the test with flying colors. It probably will not win the cookie of the year award but its more than good enough if you are looking for a cookie which is delicious and really easy to make. The recipe is available here.

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Gobble your neighbours food! A new dining concept has just been born in California. Gobble connects you with the chefs in the neighbourhood, allowing you to order professionally prepared home cooked meal.

Chefs, caterers, and anyone with a passion for cooking can sign up to provide meals. Users go online, select the area they want to order from, note any dietary preferences and you get a list of meals available in your area. The meals are made fresh daily with fresh ingredients. Delivery will cost a whopping $10. 

I am not sure whether this will be a success since I presume there are already many restaurants and takeaways offering healthy meals. The Gobble service is costly but perhaps there is a market for it.  It is certainly interesting to read of different initiatives geared towards encouraging consumption of healthy home cooked meals.


  1. Interesting concept. Agree with you as whether the idea will take off.

  2. the idea is definitely something unique..not sure if it will catch on too...the coconut cookies look great tho!

  3. How do you make your cookies look so even??? I often make coconut 3-ingredient cookies when I have leftover egg whites, they are simple, delicious, but every cookie has a different shape and size.
    I will have to try your recipe when I don't have leftover whites :-)

  4. Sissi: thanks for asking. I've included this in the tip here.

  5. I love how easy the coconut cookies are and they look fabulous!

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! These cookies are lovely!

  7. I love coconut so these sound wonderful to me!

    Thanks so much for your visit. To answer your question, benne means sesame in the Bantu language and these cookies were common in the deep south (thanks to Google).

  8. Very interesting concept. A friend of mine in the Netherlands forwarded me a similar Dutch site and she was wondering if this would be a successful model in the USA. I guess we will see with Gobble!
    Thanks for stopping by at my site. Thanks for introducing me to your lovely site. I am sure I will be back quite often here:)

  9. It's always great to have a nice and easy cookie recipe as a stand-by when you need a fix :) These look tasty!

  10. I really like the idea of a four ingredient dessert!

  11. Thanks for sharing the tip. :-) That's why all the cookies are perfect shape! I love coconut... This recipe looks easy enough for me (non-baker) to give it a try!

  12. oh yum! i want those cookies right now:)

  13. I love coconut, and any cookie I can make that only has 4 ingredients is on my list of must makes.