Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polenta cookie, mustard tart and horse meat

Chickpeas and bacon in tomato sauce with polenta
Food Diary (May 13, 2011)
Breakfast: muesli 
Lunch: Chickpeas and bacon in tomato sauce with polenta
Dinner: White beans, chickpeas and bacon in tomato sauce with polenta, sautéed lentils
Baking/sweets: polenta cookies, coconut polenta cookies, coconut cookies

I experimented with making different cookies, the focus being on really simple recipes. I will post a recipe next week for a delicious 4 ingredient coconut cookie.

Today's Favourite Photo
Mustard tart

Today’s Favourite Blog
There is a small controversy brewing in Canada. In the next episode of Top Chef Canada to be aired next week one of the chefs has to use horse meat. Horse meat is not popular in North America and the episode (which has yet to air) had gotten many people upset.  I can understand horse meat sounds unappetizing if you are not used to it but with a little exposure to this meat it will become normal like any other meat.

The part of the world where I come from horse meat is not consumed. From time to time we hear rumours of horse meat being included in cans of corned lamb and beef but horse meat is not knowingly consumed. I moved to Sweden, went to the supermarket and picked up a packet of ham called hamburgerkött. The meat was darker, sweeter and tougher. I thought hamburgerkött must be ham but in Sweden it is horse meat that is cured/smoked and thinly sliced. Going through the packet was tough but with focus and determination I got there. Then I realised what it takes to conquer Mount Everest!

Horse meat is also very popular in Central Asia, a region where I spend a lot of time. So now for me horse meat is normal since I see it often. I am sure with a little exposure Canadians will start to get used to it, maybe!


  1. I saw the same mustard tart photo and thought it was fabulous.

  2. I've made that tart..but wish my photo was that elegant. You post such interesting tidbits!

  3. I have a soft spot for certain animals and horses are one of them. I saw a great many butchers offering horse meat in Italy ... a bit of a culture shock there.

  4. i am SO excited about those four ingredient coconut cookies! I'm on the edge of my seat!

  5. You are right about liking only the meat that you are used to. I would have a hard time eating horse, but if I'd grown up with it, I am sure I wouldn't bat an eyelash at it.

  6. The mustard tart looks sensational!

  7. In many European countries the horse meat used to be eaten only during the hard times, such as war or when people were starving. However it is so popular in Switzerland, it is sold almost at every butcher. i was really surprised at first... Personally I don't think horse meat is unapettizing, but for me horse is a noble animal, the animal who served men for centuries and still serves in certain situations. Even though I have always had the European food taboos, I'd rather eat a dog or a cat or a rat than a horse. It's purely intellectual.

  8. That mustard tart looks amazing! Lovin the colors!!

  9. The tart looks amazing but that last is something I'd have to be very hungry to enjoy. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. I thought Japanese is the only one who would eat horse.... I mean, we don't eat regularly of course, but it's a regional food. And I might scare everyone saying that we eat it as Sashimi... I've tried once in my life but it wasn't my thing.