Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lemon Polenta Cookies, Crabmeat Summer Rolls and Bottled water

Gnocchi with creamed spinach
Food Diary (June 25, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with strawberries and flax seeds
Lunch: Gnocchi with creamed spinach
Dinner: Oat sourdough with lentil tomato spread, peas and potatoes
Baking/sweets: Lemon polenta cookies, lemon coconut cookies

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: Camemberu
Lump Crabmeat Summer Rolls

Today’s Favourite Blog
Huffington Post has an interesting article discussing the very sensitive issue of bottled water. The article discusses whether bottled water from municipal sources is the same as tap water, as well as the recycling issue.

I want to share a perspective that is not mentioned in the article, and which I rarely see mentioned anywhere. What would happen if bottled water was banned completely? I personally don’t buy bottled water when I am in my home country because the tap is usually nearby. When I am travelling I buy bottled water either if the water quality is questionable or where a tap is not easily accessible, especially if you are out on the streets. If bottled water was not available, the alternatives would be soft drinks, fruit drinks, milk or alcohol! Some alternatives are better than others but bottled water is probably one of the best. All the alternatives have a carbon footprint but bottled water is more environmentally friendly than some of the alternatives. 

There are people who buy bottled water to drink at home. If the supermarkets stopped selling water, some of these consumers would drink tap water which is good while others will buy soft drinks and other alternatives, which is probably not good. 

Good quality bottled water cannot be replaced when it accompanies fine food or drinks. The quality of the water affects our taste buds, and this affects the taste of the food we eat and the wine we drink. This is obviously less relevant if you are having hot dogs and the cheapest wine.

For a brief period I was involved in a business that imported and distributed a premium water brand. We didn’t sell water, we sold a brand, an experience! My opinion is obviously slightly biased, even though I no longer have any involvement with bottled water.


  1. Bottled water is separately taxed so I don't buy any.

  2. I actually don't buy bottled water. and just filter water from tap. I guess we are lucky to have good water. I think you are right about selling the experience/brand.

  3. Great commentary on bottled water.Didn't they recently find one company just bottling tap water and selling it as 'bottled water'?

  4. yummychucklet: and I suppose tax has been consistently increasing

    Nami: It is definitely a nice 'luxury' to have good quality tap water.

    Maris: I was not aware of a company bottling tap water but I am not surprised. I know some companies purify tap water and bottle it. Tap water in bottles = bottled water:)

  5. I stopped drinking bottled water when I learnt the tap water we have is of very good quality. First I have bought a water filtering pitcher, but now I see it's hardly necessary.
    However, there are European countries where the tap water, although hygienically clean, is full of hard metals, and then either the filtering pitcher or bottled water is the solution (I was told in Paris water is very bad).
    As for bottled water, I drink it, but on small bottles when I go shopping, on a long trip etc. and I must say there are some brands I hate (for example the French Contrex), there are certain very small unknown brands producing very good water. I noticed I hate water which is bland and very "flat" in taste.
    It's funny because my tap water has also a very good taste (comparing to a friend's water in another Swiss city).
    I must try making gnocchi one day, are yours home-made?

  6. Gnocchi is SO good! I actually took a class on how to make it- its definitely challenging and time consuming- but so worth it!

  7. That gnocchi looks so good! I know you're all about interesting food news. Did you see the blogger in Taiwan that got sent to jail for 30 days? Scary stuff!

  8. oh I am drooling over that gnocchi!

  9. both are so unique! crab rolls in rice paper and lemon polenta cookies!

  10. Sissi: I have never heard of Contrex water. No wonder I have not seen it anywhere:) Hard water really affects the taste of good wine, and other food and drinks. I've tried tasting wine after drinking tap water and good bottled water and the difference is pretty big. Yes those gnocchi were homemade.

    Erica: it is definitely worth it. I didn't take any classes so the gnocchi probably will not meet certain standards but I liked it:)

    Parsley Sage: Yes I did read about the Taiwan blogger. I wrote a short article and got interesting comments!

    Simply life: thank you! They were nice and soft

    Junia: polenta cookies are nice and crunchy, though not very common