Monday, June 27, 2011

Lemon Granita and 15 Things Your Walk Reveals About Your Health

Egg fried rice
Food Diary (June 26, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with honey melon
Lunch: Egg fried rice
Dinner: Oat sourdough with sautéed bean sprouts, pickled herring
Baking/sweets: Lemon polenta cookies, lemon granita

The lemon polenta cookies were lemony and crunchy. Polenta adds nice flavor and texture. Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe since I did not measure anything. You can find polenta cookie recipes on my recipe site and simply add lemon juice and rind. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Source: masak-masak
Chocolate bar

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Care2
Todays favourite blog is not food related but very interesting. The article is titled “15 Things Your Walk Reveals About Your Health”.

Walking clue #1: A snail’s pace
May reveal: Shorter life expectancy

Walking clue #2: Not too much arm swing
May reveal: Lower back trouble

Walking clue #3: One foot slaps the ground
May reveal: Ruptured disk in back, possible stroke

Walking clue #4: A confident stride (in a woman)
May reveal: Sexual satisfaction

Walking clue #5: A short stride
May reveal: Knee or hip degeneration

Walking clue #6: Dropping the pelvis or shoulder to one side
May reveal: A back problem

Walking clue #7: Bowlegged stride
May reveal: Osteoarthritis

Walking clue #8: Knock-kneed appearance
May reveal: Rheumatoid arthritis

Walking clue #9: A shortened stride on turns and when maneuvering around things
May reveal: Poor physical condition

Walking clue #10: A flat step without much lift
May reveal: Flat feet, bunions, neuromas

Walking clue #11: Shuffling
May reveal: Parkinson’s disease

Walking clue #12: Walking on tiptoes, both feet
May reveal: Cerebral palsy or spinal cord trauma

Walking clue #13: Walking on tiptoes, one foot
May reveal: Stroke

Walking clue #14: A bouncing gait
May reveal: Unusually tight calf muscles

Walking clue #15: One higher arch and/or a pelvis that dips slightly
May reveal: One leg is shorter than the other


  1. Your fried rice looks very tasty! And I'd love some of the lemon granita right now.

  2. Hmmm...I am going to have to pay more attention to how I walk.

  3. hahaha this walking clues are hilarious! :D i wonder if they are true...

  4. Well, now I feel incredibly self-conscious! :P

  5. Cheez... all of them sound bad, except #4 :D

  6. I'm really going to pay attention to how I walk now! :P

  7. yummychunklet: granitas are refreshing in hot weather

    Angela: sorry, I didn't intend to influence your walking style:)

    Junia: I wonder also but thats the experts views so it must be true, at least to some extent

    Hannah: sorry, I didn't intend to influence your walking style:)

    ping: yes I noticed, they picked mainly negative ones. Walking slow means shorter life span, therefore faster should be longer life span but its not mentioned in the article

    Lorraine: sorry, I didn't intend to influence your walking style:)

  8. I have some leftover rice and was looking for a lunch idea, it's been ages since I haven't fried rice with eggs... Thanks for the idea!
    It's scary: I know someone who has a knee degeneration and who always made me crazy with very short stride!
    I prefer not to think which type of walk I have... I might get depressed.

  9. Mmm all of your lemony desserts sound so good! Now I'm wondering about my stride though....

  10. I love the granita and those walk sidenotes are killer! How cool is that because after reading them I was like yeah- that is me! Love this post!

  11. OMG, here was me thinking I was No4! In fact, I'm 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 just now with a bummer of a sore back. Gotta laugh! Aiming for that sexy walk like the French women, though. I CAN do it, I CAN do it....
    What a fun post! Granita is fantastic just now.

  12. HI I just found your blog and love your food and recipes as well! I hope you come visit mine as well! Thanks, :)

  13. How interesting about watching your gait...they all sound very logical. I hope mine is confident...LOL. And I agree, your fried rice looks delicious!

  14. Hi, thanks so much for leaving comments - I'm SO glad to have found you! your egg fried rice looks delicious and the granita is PERFECT for this weather - you are inspiring with logging your exercise ! I'm signing up to follow you!

  15. Sissi: Hope the fried rice was nice. That article - don't get depressed - read it and have a good laugh:)

    Joanne: Don't wonder too hard!

    Kitchen Belleicious: it was indeed hilarious. My walking syle was not included!

    Jill: Yes you CAN do it!

    Anna and Liz: thanks for visiting

    Lizzy: agree, most of them are pretty logical

    Mary: I will let you know

  16. That rice looks delicious! These facts are really interesting, thanks for sharing! Now I'm going to pay more attention to how I walk to figure out which category I fit into haha!

  17. What an interesting article. I feel like... I belong to all the numbers here. LOL. I thought I'm walking every night for doing exercise but it could be torturing my body! >_<

  18. Fascinating article on walking. Will have to walk up and down in front of a mirror to check for symptoms. I'll be looking for Walking Clue No. 16 - eating lemon polenta cookies....
    May signify excellent taste :)

  19. The walking list is cool...makes me want to find a spot and do some serious people watching. ;)

  20. Great info specially that A confident stride (in a woman) :)