Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lentil tart and Indian Sashimi

Spiced tomato rice with lentils and peppers

Food Diary (June 08, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with raisins and flax seeds
Lunch: Spiced tomato rice with lentils and peppers
Dinner: Creamed spinach and lentil spread with rye flaxseed sourdough 
Baking/sweets: Oat sweets

The creamed spinach and lentil spread was awesome. It is the first time I tried it and it worked really well. I suppose cream in just about anything is delicious. Lentil and spinach on its own is tasty, cream takes it to another level. I think this will become a regular for me.

Today's Favourite Photo
Spicy Lentil Tart with Pomegranate and Mint

Today’s Favourite Blog

When it comes to really fresh sashimi India does not naturally come to mind first. However Hyderabad in India is the place to go to for really fresh spiced sashimi that also supposedly cures asthma. Every June thousands of people travel to Hyderabad to swallow live sardines smeared with secret herbs. After swallowing the live fish the patients began a strict 45-day diet of 25 different foods, including lamb, rice, white sugar, dried mango, spinach and clarified butter. Deep-fried food is not allowed and the treatment must be repeated once within two years.

The family that administers this ‘treatment’, the Gouds, say that they received the secret formula from a Hindu saint about 170 years ago. Doctors' requests for the herbal mix have been refused, saying the saint warned it would lose its potency if commercialized. This reminds me of KFC, it may lose its earning power if the secret herb mix is no longer a secret.

We don’t know for sure whether it works but it certainly has a lot of fans who vouch for its effectiveness. So it is working, in one way or another. While a spiced live sardine wriggling down the throat sounds interesting, I still prefer the traditional sashimi.


  1. thanks for the blog post :) love oatmeal! can't go wrong with it! and what type of cream did you use?

  2. I love oatmeal too! I can eat it all day long. Nice photo of the lentil pomegranate tart, looks good.

  3. The creamed spinach spread sounds delicious! And Xiaolu's photography is gorgeous isn't it!

  4. Sounds like a scam to me ... "losing its potency if commercialized". What? The sardine's gonna wriggle less and therefore the passages going down one's insides doesn't get cleared as good? Haha ... really. Guess the psychological part of it is working rather than anything else ... like most scams. Interesting article tho... this crazy world.

  5. Yeah, I think I'd pass on the wriggling spiced sardine, too...the power of the mind can work wonders :)

  6. Mmmmm....that spicy rice looks so tasty.

    Gah live sardines! Just gah. My first thought no really I feel cured. ;)

  7. My goodness that's a great looking tart. With lentils? Usually that's 'bleh' worthy but these look really good :)

  8. Junia: I used whipping cream with 40% fat. Coconut cream would work great as well
    Lisa: same, I can eat it throughout the day and not get bored
    Lorraine: it should be perfect for winter where you are
    ping: the saint talked about commercialisation 170 years ago. I wonder if online sales were mentioned:)
    Maris: my eyes have been fed, now I would like to really taste it
    Lizzy: there are enough people who believe in just about anything
    briarrose: see it works, even worked with you!
    Parsley Sage: time to give lentils a chance?:)

  9. Very interesting about Indian Sashimi. Your title of this post made me curious - I never knew Indian would eat raw fish. I can't think of sashimi having spices all over (kind of defeat the purpose to enjoy freshness?) but like you I like traditional sashimi. But very interesting article.

  10. I prefer the traditional sashimi too! Although when I saw the photos of the living fish one choses in certain Japanese bars to have as sushi, I decided to look for them when I go to Japan!