Friday, June 10, 2011

Cardamom cream cookies, honey cake and alcohol sales up

Cardamom Cream Cookies
Food Diary (June 09, 2011)
Breakfast: Rye flax seed sourdough toast
Lunch: Grilled herring with potato tomato salad
Dinner: Polenta with mixed veges and white beans
Baking/sweets: Cardamom cream cookies

The cardamom cream cookies were divine. The combination of cream and cardamom is fantastic. Cardamom is used quite extensively in various Indian milk based desserts. Cardamom is also used quite a bit in Scandinavian desserts, the most popular being cinnamon buns. The Cardamom cream cookies were made with cream instead of butter, so the cookies were crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside. It was almost like a crispy cake. The recipe is found here.

Grilled herring with potato tomato salad

Today's Favourite Photo
Honey Cake with White Brigadeiro Filling Covered with Chocolate Ganache - Bolo Pão de Mel

Today’s Favourite Blog
In 2010 alcohol sales increased by 10% even though there is relatively high unemployment rate. People have their priorities right! I remember reading somewhere that during the great depression alcohol consumption was encouraged by removing certain restrictions since growth of the alcohol industry could promote economic development. 

The Huffington Post article states that the “only growth sector besides alcohol sales has been health care. It seems that the two ways Americans are responding to their economic sorrows are by healing them (antidepressant sales are up) and drinking them away.” I think the author forgot to mention the legal sector. Lawyers do well during good times and bad!  


  1. Everything looks fabulous and so healthy for us a no guilt site love the cookies!

  2. Oh cardamom cookies seem like delicious cookie. I love cardamom and I drink chai every morning with lots of cardamom in it! Your grilled herring with potato tomato salad looks delicious. So happy to see Luciana's cake here!

  3. I adore cardamom! In fact, I just made instant oats at work and made them less awful by shaking on huge amounts of cardamom :D

  4. Love cardamom cookies! Herring and potato salad would make a great lunch for me.

  5. Its that herring again :)
    And yes I love cardamom cookies

  6. I love cardamom, especially in baked goods! Those cookies sound fantastic!

  7. Definitely trying these cardamom cookies this weekend because I just bought a 50 gram bag of green cardamom seeds for $3.50!

  8. cardamom cream cookies- I have never heard of such a thing and yet I am a cookieholic! I have to give these a try! Must give these a try . Wow- totally impressed right now! Oh and doesn't surprise me sales are up for the summer! LOL!

  9. What a healthy person you must be! Perhaps I should copy down your food diary and follow you one day behind.

    The cookies look yum and I love cardamom!

  10. Wonderful cookies! Cardamom is such a great spice.

    Nice salad and cake too!

    No wonder the sales increase! People are getting depressed (it is not a solution though ;-P)...



  11. I've seen cardamom popping up a lot lately. I may have to check this spice out! Not surprised that alcohol sales are up...

  12. Cardamom cookies sound very interesting. I love cardamom. It adds an elegant touch to desserts. I have to update my "must try" list!