Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mushroom Risotto, Crème Caramel (Purin) and Food Not Bombs

Sautéed bean sprouts with rice
Food Diary (June 10, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, toasted coconut, sunflower seed and flax seed
Lunch: Sautéed bean sprouts with rice
Dinner: Mushroom and potato risotto
Baking/sweets: Polenta pudding/halva

Today I read on BBC that the E-coli virus originated from a bean sprouts farm in Germany. I was little confused reading the article. The authorities were sure where it originated from, but the evidence was not conclusive. So basically they were sure but not sure. So I am not sure what really happened. The uncertainly is affecting consumption of other vegetables and perhaps boosting meat sales. 

As I ate sprouts for lunch I thought of the article. I read also that it is best to wash fruits and vegetables well, and where practical to fully cook vegetables. The virus stays on the surface, it does not enter the fruit or vege so good washing should help. As a disclaimer I am merely repeating information, this is not independent professional advice from me. If you wash vegetables but still get sick, don’t sue me.

I have another approach which may or may not work but the process is fun. I think drinking strong alcohol before, during and after every meal may take care of the bacteria. After all alcohol is used for sterilizing. Again this is not advise from me. If you drink too much and become an alcoholic, don’t sue me.

Today's Favourite Photo
Crème Caramel (Purin)

Today’s Favourite Blog
It’s a strange world. Twelve members of food activist group Food Not Bombs have been arrested for giving free food to homeless people in a downtown park in Orlando. There is a city legislation that requires permits if a group intends to distribute food to large groups in parks within two miles of City Hall. Each group is allowed only two permits per park per year and Food Not Bombs had already exceeded their limit. So it seems feeding homeless is certain areas is not a crime unless you have the permit and don’t do it more than twice a year. 

Sounds strange to me but of course there is some rationale for this legislation. Previously Food Not Bomb's were feeding locals twice a day and this was considered disruptive by local residents. The federal court ruled in Food Not Bomb's favour but they lost on appeal. I wonder how many homeless people could have been fed if the money was not spent on legal fees.

There are two sides to the coin and it’s a balancing act. This reminds me of something I learnt during one of the first few classes at first year law. The professor told us that during his first law lecture as a student his lecturer said “do not confuse law and justice”. So in the Food Not Bomb's case while the laws may have been interpreted and applied correctly the issue of whether justice has been delivered is a matter of opinion.

I wonder where the name Food Not Bombs came from.


  1. The creme caramel looks perfect!

  2. Mr. Three-Cookies! Thank you so much for linking my Creme Caramel! I'm so happy seeing it on your site! :-) You made my day..hehee

    I also read the similar article today that pre-washed vegetables should be washed again... I guess we have to trust ourselves at the end. I like your aproach by drinking alcohol! Two thumbs up.

  3. The infections in Germany are scary. I have always been so happy buying organic vegetables. I never washed sprouts. Now I wash everything. The worst thing is they still are not sure if it's the farm.
    Nami's crème caramel is beutiful isn't it?
    The difference between the law and justice is good to remember.

  4. I like your suggestion of drinking booze before and after for sterilizing purposes. Very good idea.

    Unlike the laws that prevent a well meaning group from feeding homeless people. That makes my stomach hurt :(

  5. Great photo! That dessert looks out of this world!

  6. I find that odd as well, arresting people for giving food. Its like the fast food they throw all unsold everything in the garbage instead of giving them to the poor.