Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whole wheat pie with rhubarb and powerful food brands affect our taste buds

Savoury polenta with soy beans
Food Diary (May 31, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Dinner: Mushrooms in oyster sauce with pita bread
Baking/sweets: various sweets

I bought two 100 gram bars of chocolate yesterday. I finished most of it yesterday and today I took care of what was left. Not impressed with myself. I don’t eat chocolate often and when I do, I do a good job of it.  The chocolate I had was milk chocolate with alpine milk cream and caramel. Very delicious, but the cocoa content was only about 30%. Nutritionists suggest eating chocolate with high cocoa content because it is good for you. Using my mathematical knowledge and logic, I interpret this as follows: if the chocolate you are eating has lower cocoa content eat more to get more cocoa into your system. Eating 50 grams of chocolate with 70% cocoa content is the same as eating 100 grams with 35% cocoa content. I think it sounds logical. Not everyone will agree but at least it justifies my indulgence. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Whole wheat pie with rhubarb 

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: BBC
An interesting article titled “Are food brands so powerful they can actually affect our taste buds?”

Do you choose food brands based on which brand tastes best? Human behaviourist Peter Hughes states that what consumers think about brands can be so powerful it can actually affect their taste buds.  So if we believe a certain brand tastes better, it can actually start to taste better.

The BBC team set up an experiment where they put Heinz beans into two flasks, one bearing a Heinz label, the other a supermarket own brand. And even though the beans inside were identical, only one person thought they tasted the same. Everyone else was convinced they tasted different.

In another experiment an MRI was done on volunteers brains. Volunteers were shown photos of friends and family, as well as products from the big food brands that they liked. The brains reacted in the same way. There was activity in the reward network of his brain, the region associated with positive mood. The conclusion was that consumers perceive the biggest and most popular food brands in the same positive and friendly way as our nearest and dearest. Very powerful from the marketing perspective.


  1. Very interesting article, and that rhubarb pie looks so yummy!

  2. Sometimes you just have to eat what you like! Those bars sound great!

  3. you know, I've never tried rhubarb pie before! I must be missing a lot :D The chocolate sounds delicious though I've never tried alpine cream but it sure sounds good !

  4. Haha I love your logic about chocolate. I'm a chocoholic and I'll take your logic! :-)

  5. I love what brain scans are revealing these days! Fascinating stuff!

  6. So many excellent rhubarb recipes this week...this one looks wonderful and healthy!

  7. You chocolate logic is hilarious!!!!
    Seriously I am not surprised at the food brands' influence. Even big wine amateurs are, according to the studies, greatly influenced by the brands... We can't really believe our tastebuds.

  8. Lately, I can't resist good chocolate either so don't feel bad! And that rhubarb pie sounds delicious!

  9. I have been looking for new ways of using rhubarb cos I bought the whole shipment of rhubarb from the supermarket near my home. LOL! CRAZY ya? I have been making rhubarb strawberry pie, galette and only yesterday, I made a rhubarb strawberry cake. It was very delicious and I will be sharing the recipe with you guys next week. This rhubarb gatto recipe has gone into my "to do list" folder and will try it soon. It is very interesting to know that food brands can affect our taste buds.