Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheeseless pizza, butterscotch and walnut brownies, and best workout for your zodiac sign

Cheeseless bacon and mushroom pizza
Food Diary (June 1, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with toasted coconut, banana, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Cheeseless bacon and ham pizza
Dinner: Lentils and polenta
Baking/sweets: various sweets

The pizza was great. The dough had been sitting in the refrigerator for a few days. I find the dough gets better after spending some time in the refrigerator.

It was a challenge taking photos of the pizza. I was hungry and I wanted to have the pizza warm not cold. I did what I could as fast as possible!

Today's Favourite Photo
Butterscotch and Walnut Brownies

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: Care2
Today’s favourite blog is not directly related to food. It discusses the best workout for your zodiac sign! Each sign in the zodiac rules certain body parts, which in turn affects your health and how you should exercise.  Very unusual and interesting. I will start with Capricorn since that’s my star sign. Capricorn rules bones (skeletal structure), joints, knees, and teeth. Therefore Capricornians should avoid activities that could potentially harm that body part.  Capricornians needs to move regularly to avoid feeling stiff. They are more likely to enjoy hiking, rock climbing, jogging, walking, and cycling, especially in long duration. I do enjoy jogging and walking in long duration, this is amazing.

Aries rules head, brain, eyes, face, and muscles. Working out comes naturally since it boosts their mood and reduces stress. Ariens love to win and gravitate toward sports that have direct competition, but you should avoid anything that would stir anger as this leads to high blood pressure and potential headaches. They seem to enjoy bursts of intensity and sweating. Carelessness can lead to bumps and bruises, or even head injuries. Ariens should look into activities like tennis, motor sports, football, endurance cycling, weight lifting, and fencing. Don’t overdo it and don’t expect immediate results.
Gemini rules hands, arms, lungs, and nervous system. The typical Gemini  is on the go all the time. They need to avoid boredom and routine. Incorporating music and social activity into workout increases motivation. Avoid shallow breathing and don’t overdo it as your lungs are quite sensitive.

Cancer rules breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, and womb. Cancerians are able to find one sport/exercise and commit to it for the long haul, while pushing themselves to the limit. Water sports and being part of a team are appealing. Focusing on the abs is a good idea since Cancerians tend to gain weight around the midsection.

Leo rules heart, upper back, spine, and the aorta. Sports and fitness come naturally to Leos. Regular exercise is good for their circulation, but they should avoid overdoing it, especially in the upper back. Exercising in public is greatly appealing. Since Leos are a born leader, taking a class will probably be boring since someone else is in charge, leos excel at being your own personal trainer. Leos (especially men) are prone to heart attacks, so walking or jogging in the fresh air strengthens your circulatory system, though leos may get out of breath quickly. 

Virgo rules sympathetic nervous system, spleen, and digestive system. In general, Virgos like to stay fit. With seemingly endless energy, virgos respond well to full body participation, so sports like cycling, football, and hockey will be interesting. Virgos love to be outside.

Libra rules skin, lumbar region, kidneys, and buttocks. Librans should focus on organized and gentle fitness options—posh health clubs are appealing. Ice-skating and golf are options, but low-impact cardio and stretching will quiet down their brain. Librans should avoid heavy lifting or anything that could cause stress to the lower back. Finding a gym buddy is a good idea, but Libra’s can get carried away with socializing and forget the workout. I have been close to many Librans and this definitely describes the Librans that I know.

Scorpio rules reproductive system, genitals, and excretory system. Scorpios are intense, strenuous, competitive, and serious fitness activities with intense movement is suitable. Scorpios should try to avoid being too hard on themselves as they are prone to torn ligaments and other stress-induced injuries. Good activities are boxing, martial arts, triathlons, and distance running.

Sagittarius rules liver, hips, thighs, and sciatic nerve. It is the healthiest of all the signs. Sagittarians need plenty of exercise, preferably outdoor activities. With your strong legs and thighs, skiing and biking are good options. Sagittarians should focus on stretches that build flexibility in the hamstrings to avoid straining the back. They can be accident-prone, so they need to be careful when doing more extreme sports like skiing.

Aquarius rules circulatory system, ankles, Achilles heal, calves, and shins. Aquarians don’t like to feel restricted, so the more quirky the exercise, the more likely it will appeal to them. Skydiving and extreme sports are a good fit, but dancing also works well because of the freedom of movement. Aquarians should avoid eating too much starch, especially before a workout, since they tend to get tired after eating from that food group. Sagittarians get bored with routine.

Pisces rules feet and the immune system. Pisceans are not very sporty, so they should avoid strenuous activities. Options like yoga and dance use fitness for finding balance and peace. Pisceans are prone to all kinds of foot problems—bunions, breaks, even Athletes’ Foot. Water sports, especially swimming and surfing, are ideal, as water is pretty much their natural habitat. Pisceans love to eat and are a true music lover.


  1. YEAYY! I am the first to comment..LOL (now that sounds childish:p )
    I love the cheeseless pizza, coz I don't work that well with dairy:p
    And I commend the workout plan according to star cool!! Hey, I am a Capri too!!:) *slaps hi-5*

  2. This looks have a lovely blog...I am having a giveaway in my blog..Y dont you check and join that

  3. How interesting...What about Aries? Thats my zodiac sign and it wasn't included in your mention.

  4. Great choices today! Your pizza looks delicious.

  5. Foodiva: sorry, its included now. I don't know how it got missed, certainly nothing against Ariens, they are great people:)

  6. Christy: Good to know another great Capri:)
    Aarti: thanks for visiting and the invite
    yummychunklet: thank you!

  7. I want that pizza!!!! I never manage to have such a nice crust in home-made pizza :-(
    The zodiac influenced workout idea is very amusing!

  8. Wish I could take a bite out of that brownie!

  9. Not sure which I'm more entertained by, the cheese- less pizza, or the idea that as a scorpio I should be doing martial arts. Please, nobody show that article to my third dan black belt husband. I've managed to hold out on joining in for this long...

  10. That's so right about a Virgo! My friends always say I'm too bouncy :) Also, I agree - pizza always tastes better later!

  11. Sissi: I tried something new this time. I turned on the broiler just before the pizza was ready, that gave it a nice crust.

  12. I have a friend that hates cheese (crazy, I know), so she would absolutely love this pizza. I'm right there with ya on taking photos after making something. It's always so tempting to gobble it all up right away!

  13. How fun! I'm a Scorpio and only questionable part is that "serious fitness activities with intense movement is suitable". Maybe I miss starting to do that when I was younger, but if I do that now, I'll die. LOL. I love coming here. So much info about/besides food.

  14. Nami: always a pleasure to have your presence! You are never too old for serious fitness activities, actually you are not old:)

  15. Haha, Nami's always having issues with her age! I had another read at my Aries workout. I certainly like to cycle, lift weights and fencing but I'm not too sure about football... Although I do support Liverpool FC! ;-)

  16. Good idea with the broiler! I will try it on my next pizza. Thank you.

  17. I am a libra (9/23 ) and most any assesment involving libra fits me to the T... however... this is not be! I do like golf, but I am much more avid at exercise, resistance training, yoga, marathons, running, cycling, volleyball....

    nonetheless, another interesting post as always!

  18. Cheeseless pizza, thats something new to me.

    That Butterscotch and Walnut Brownies looks so mega moist!