Saturday, July 30, 2011

100% orange juice is still artificial and photogenic pickled herring

Pickled herring with potatoes and pickled apple cucumber salad
Food Diary (July 29, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with nectarine and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Pickled herring with potatoes and pickled apple cucumber salad
Dinner: Potato bread with salad

I think pickled herring is quite photogenic. The photo above is not the best for sure, a professional photographer would have done a much better job. But I still think its photogenic. And its delicious and nutritious!

I always thought that being a judge on one of those cooking shows such as top chef or masterchef would be fun. But in recent episodes of masterchef, judges have said that they have to sit there and taste food which sometimes is not the best. Not every meal is delicious so I guess the downside is that the judges have to taste bad food as well. Maybe being a judge is not as exciting as it seems. But Tony Bourdain still has a good deal, eating and drinking his way around the world.
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Strawberry and white chocolate macaroons

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Source: Gizmodo
This is crap. Gizmodo explains why 100% orange juice is still artificial. 

Large companies use the following process to make orange juice: “squeeze oranges, remove oxygen and re-flavor the now flavorless orange juice with artificially orange "flavor packs".

Oxygen is removed so that the 'juice' can be kept for up to a year. Removing that oxygen also removes the natural flavors of oranges. So this is when the flavor packs come into action. The flavor and fragrance companies are the same experts that make perfumes for Dior, they are good at it. 

The flavor packs aren't listed in the ingredients because they're technically derived from "orange essence and oil".

I am guessing the above applies to most of the mass produced stuff that can be kept for weeks or months. There are of course brands which are freshly squeezed and bottled and these can only be kept for a number of days. And they are priced 50-100% more than the regular stuff. I think and hope they are not altered in any way. 

I rarely buy orange or fruit juice. I sometimes have it with cocktails or drink it after taking vodka shots! Under such conditions I don’t think about potential negative health effects of drinking fruit juice which is not freshly squeezed. 

By the way, in case you haven’t seen yesterdays post on diet drinks, have a read. There is another eye opener.

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  1. I read this article earlier today on tropicana oj, crazy how they try to deceive us on labels, at least I own a juicer and can make my own juice. When I do juice oj, I did notice that my oj tasted different every time, which is the way its suppose to be!

  2. I'm jealous of those perfect strawberry macaroons.

  3. I adore anything pickled, so I actually want the herring more than the macarons :P

  4. Great photos!

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway worth $160 this weekend!

  5. Ha! Yea, I reckon OJ in cocktails won't kill ya :)

    That pickled herring is totally cuto.

  6. That IS photogenic! Helpful article about orange juice. I hardly buy packaged orange juice, but mostly because I love the fresh fruit itself and I'd rather eat that or juice it myself!

  7. Your pickled herring looks like sushi :-) This is probably because it looks like a good quality herring, nice and fat.
    I also use orange juice mainly in cocktails. I have once read the freshly squeezed juice should be drunk in the three minutes because afterwards it loses its vitamin C very quickly.

  8. Your pickled herring looks great. I usually have it in a cream sauce with onions. Not the most photogenic either! Great round-up, those macarons look lovely!

  9. Junia: exactly, juice should taste different each time unlike the box stuff. At least the fragrance companies are producing consistent stuff!

    yummychunklet: It would be great to taste those, I agree

    Hannah: I would go for both if possible!

    Parsley Sage: thanks for the reinforcement:)

    Bianca: thank you

    Sissi: 3 minutes is quite short, that means you have to drink your cocktails really fast to get all the Vitamin c:)

    Carol: I agree, pickled herring is awesome with onions also

  10. I read about orange juices and their flavour packs before in the papers. That was an eye-opener, really explains how those juices taste so sweet with 'no sugar added'!

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