Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diet soft drink good for putting on weight and cherry chocolate chip cookie cake

Lentils and rice
Food Diary (July 28, 2011)
Breakfast: Pasta and cauliflower
Lunch: Lentils and rice
Dinner: Mushroom omelet with sourdough, pickled apple and cucumber
Baking/sweets: No bake chocolate oat sweets (very small amount!)

This morning I didn’t have breakfast since I woke up really late. However I went to bed really late and had a meal much after dinner time, maybe at around 3am. Brunch is what you usually have between breakfast and lunch. And supper is something that you have after dinner according to some definitions. I could not find a word to describe a meal that you have in the early hours of the morning. I presume there is no term since most normal people are sleeping at this hour. Post-drinking snack or late night snack might work. So instead of breakfast I had late night snack.

The lentils and rice I had for lunch was a very simple one pot meal. Its awesome and effortless to prepare, one of those great meal options to have when you can't be bothered going out or spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Unfortunately no recipe is available since I cook without measuring most of the time. A similar recipe for black beans and rice is available here.
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Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

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I find it hilarious when people go to fast food restaurants, supersize their burgers and fries and then request a diet coke! Research has just been published and the conclusion is that if you want to put on weight, drink diet soft drinks. 

Researchers from the University of Texas found diet soft drinkers had a 70 percent greater increase in waist circumference compared to non-diet soda drinkers. The waist circumference increase was even worse for those drinking two or more a day. Their waist size increases were 500 percent greater than non diet soda drinkers in the study. In other words drinking diet soda is more likely to make you fat.

The research had 474 participants.

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  1. That chocolate cake looks so delicious

  2. That cookie cake looks out of this world!

  3. So that's what happened to my waistline! Such a deceiving word on the can ... diet, my foot.

  4. thanks for sharing the info on diet soda, most of the people probably think the contrary.
    Thank you also for your lovely words left on my guest post on Nami @ Just One Cookbook blog

  5. Haha I would call that a midnight snack :). Or super early breakfast!

    And diet soda is full of aspartame which slows down digestion n makes u bloat! Fake sugar is no bueno! I even stopped chewing gum!

  6. I often have similar meal name problems, when I work a lot in the morning, don't have time for breakfast, finally have it, but really small, during lunch time and then have to have another meal around 5pm. It is usually like a lunch, so I can't really call it "high tea" ;-)
    I keep away from all the diet soft drinks and even ready-to-drink fruit juices (freshly made is different of course), especially since I discovered that drinking a glass of wine might be better for my health, it contains less sugar and less calories than most fruit juices!

  7. A lovely rice dish and a divine looking cake!

    Yes, that is hilarious. I never buy food from fastfoods and consume no diet food... I just eat well (natural food).



  8. ah diet soda really is super ironic, isn't it?

  9. I love that your day of meals was a little reversed :) I always want breakfast for dinner. Its just so good!

  10. I have to tell you - I REALLY want that cherry chocolate cake - ALL of it!

  11. Your lunch looks like a nice plate of comfort food. :)

  12. I've heard that about diet soft drinks too! Doesn't stop me from drinking them on occasion though ;)

  13. Fantastic cake in the middle.

  14. Wow what an amazing research! I guess I am a culprit but not with my double whopper or baconator. I usually drink diet soda on its own rather than with a meal