Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beyonce Knowles plans to publish cookbook and I plan to publish dive book

Gnocchi with sautéed bean sprouts
Food Diary (July 27, 2011)
Breakfast: Boiled egg with sourdough toast
Lunch: Gnocchi with sautéed bean sprouts
Dinner: Pasta and mixed vegetables, pickled apples

Gnocchi with sautéed bean sprouts is unusual, the professionals may not consider this to be a good pairing but I found it pleasant. The sprouts were not very crunchy otherwise the contrast in textures may have been too much to handle. I happily finished it and I know it was good for me! 

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Braised pork


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There seems to be an interest or even an obsession with writing cookbooks. Well known singer Beyonce Knowles plans to publish a soul food cookbook. She says the inspiration comes from her mother who prepared a spread of collard greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese and fried chicken no matter where in the world they were. Additional encouragement came from Gwyneth Paltrow who has already published a cookbook.

Lots of non-cooks have published cookbooks, there is nothing too unusual with that. But Beyonce’s case is special, she is not a great cook, and doesn't really enjoy cooking. But she never said she does not like writing or publishing cookbooks!

This has given me ideas too. Maybe I will publish a book on diving. The fact that I don’t dive shouldn’t matter, it’s a minor technical detail!

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  1. Just a minor detail lol. I wonder what her cookbook will consist of other than her family recipes. Hey mebe she will fall in love with cooking :)

  2. Oh, I'm craving your no bake cookies...yum! And good luck with your diving book ;)

  3. Oh...that braised pork looks amazing and beautiful
    Good luck with your dive book...hope you get it published!

  4. Diving out a window or into water? Minor technical details! Wahahaha! Sorry ... a little hyper today ... lack of coffee :D
    I really admire how disciplined you are with your diet ... think I mentioned that before ... still can't get over it. Wish I had a stronger will.

  5. And that's why I won't be buying Beyonce's book!

  6. Hehe very funny post about the cookbook. I had no idea any of these celebrities ate much anyway! :P

  7. ooh that gnocci looks wonderful!

  8. How awesome is gnocchi? LOVE! And pickled apples? really? I must try them!

  9. I like that unusual pairing for the gnocchi, and I agree with yummychunklet,
    I won't be buying Beyonce's cookbook either!

  10. Heh. I'd read your dive book WELL before i read Beyonce's cook book :)

  11. Junia: I think it will be mainly family recipes. Maybe it will be better if her mum writes it!

    Lizzy and Elisabeth: thanks, if I ever attempt the book I will need all the luck I can get:)

    ping: Diving out of the window into the water, hopefully:) Lack of coffee has the opposite effect on me, makes me less hyper.

    yummychunklet: me neither, actually I don’t buy any cookbooks

    Lorraine: good point, and some can’t cook either!

    Sonia: it looks really delicious, and different as well

    Lora: thank you

    Erica: Pickled apples are awesome, quite refreshing

    Nancy: thank you, it was unusual but worked, or maybe I was hungry:)

    Parsley Sage: thanks for the words of encouragement:)

  12. I totally agree. This little detail shouldn't stop you from writing a book about diving ;-) Cooking books publishing starts becoming really ridiculous. Anything sells if it's signed by a famous person. On the other hand I have a fascinating book written by Arthur Rubinstein's wife (Nela) and it contains wonderful home recipes, each of them worked perfectly well. However, she was really passionate about cooking... Not just a nice-looking wife of a famous man.

  13. Interesting, but I don't think I will be buying it haha. It seems celebrities have the ability to do many things if they want, such as writing cookbooks, workout videos or releasing a perfume! I guess if you can, why not?! Is that homemade gnocchi? It looks more rectangle-shaped than the usual oval-shaped?

  14. wtf Beyonce is coming out with a cookbook??!! Well... then this might be my very first soul food cookboook. LOVE her :-)

  15. LOL, yep everyone can write a cookbook these days, helps when your famous too. I wont' be buying her book.

  16. Gnocchi looks wonderful I haven't made with sprouts

  17. Perhaps the book could come with an accompanying audio CD with Beyonce singing the recipes??

  18. Sissi: thanks for the encouragement! I suppose there is a market for all sorts of books and I won’t be surprised if Beyonce publishes a book and it sells well.

    Hazel: Yes it is homemade though it does not have the ‘authentic’ shape:)

    Anna: Beyonce has her first customer and she hasn’t even started writing:)

    Cheap Ethnic Eatz: in her case being famous is probably the only reason people will buy.

    Torviewtoronto: thank you

    Kate: good idea, that way you can listen to recipes instead of music and also learn something at the same time:)

  19. Haha, funny. I guess only her fan will buy the cookbook, not necessarily for cooking the recipes, so it works out?! Both of braised pork from yesterday and today look delicious!

  20. Owww, that glaze makes is it more attractive and delicious!