Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cheesecake Pops and alcohol limits to be reviewed

Pasta with eggs and tomatoes
Food Diary (July 25, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with nectarine and sunflower seeds
Lunch: Pasta with eggs and tomatoes
Dinner: Mixed veges, pasta and sourdough toast

Today I was hoping for a day of no or low sugar consumption, unfortunately it was a day of generous sugar consumption! But that’s history, no point stressing out about it now. Tomorrow is another day. 
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Cheesecake Pops

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Drink more booze and feel less guilty. Isn’t this the news you have been waiting for? The British government has announced that it will review the current advice to the public on safe drinking levels, with the likelihood that the limits would be raised. The existing advice is based on recommendations from a committee of doctors in 1987. One of the members of the original Royal College of Physicians' working party on the subject admitted that the figures were "plucked out of the air" in the absence of clear evidence about how much alcohol poses a health risk. 

This makes you really wonder about recommended consumption limits,  not just for alcohol but other foods and drinks as well. There are so many conflicting reports and sometimes it seems recommendations are made based on facts which are at best rather questionable. Today I read an article questioning claims about negative effects of excess salt consumption. Two weeks ago I blogged about the amount of water we should drink. 

Back to alcohol. The review of the amount will apply to the UK only and the politicians will consider the recommended amounts in other countries. Isn't it strange that the recommended amount is dependent on where you live? The limit is higher in France and Italy for example. The same applies to the amount of meat and sugar we can consume safely. For many people the alcohol review will not matter much since they set their own limits. I certainly do!

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  1. ahh yes, i've been trying to watch my sugar intake too (from fruit). i can't help but continue to eat pineapples and watermelon. something that sugar does to your appetite... it's a mystery...

  2. You find the best food photos to share...I don't think I could resist cheesecake pops!

  3. I'm (gasp) totally uninterested in cake pops, but cheesecake pops? Oh yes. Oh yes.

  4. How did you know these were the news I have been waiting for? ;-) But seriously, I also set my own alcohol limits and they depend on the day, the type of alcohol, on my mood... The alcohol limits are considered by certain doctors as if they were sacred and if you admit you sometimes drink a bit more than the limit they would probably put "alcoholic" in your health files :-)

  5. Those pops are so cute! I love food on sticks :)

  6. I wanna be able to grab thru the screen and get those pops! Silly but true!

  7. I STILL have never had a cake pop! I must admit though, these cheesecake pops are pretty enticing!

  8. Junia: it is a bit of a mystery how sugar interferes with the appetite. I think one explanation is that sugar gives an instant high and you keep eating sugar to maintain the high. Plus its delicious:)

    Lizzy and Hannah: me neither, I would love to have some also

    Sissi: I just knew:) Those doctors can be a bit like parents...!

    Lorraine: they are

    Maris: Its not sad, its reality. I felt the same way!

    Tiffany: me neither, never tried a cake pop, let alone a cheesecake pop

  9. Ha! It goes to show you that no one really knows that they're talking about. You know your own limits :) Drink accordingly!

  10. I love the idea of cheesecake pops - I'd probably pop too many of them!

  11. It should be illegal to even drink even 1 bottle of beer and drive. If you want to enjoy drinking then dont drive and stay where you are until the next day. A lot of people are killed on the roads because of drinking