Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lupinesse ice cream and gnocchi with brown sauce

Gnocchi with brown sauce
Food Diary (July 24, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with nectarine and flax seeds
Lunch: Gnocchi with brown sauce, pickled apple, cucumber and tomato salad
Dinner: Sautéed cabbage with sourdough

I had a relatively quite and uneventful weekend. On Saturday the weather man (or woman) forecasted thunderstorm and as a result I almost cancelled my plans to go out for some beverages. The forecast was totally wrong, the day turned out to be nice and sunny. Its not very often that you wish someone is wrong but this is one of the instances when mistakes are much appreciated. 

Oh, and these cookies are awesome, light and crispy, chocolatey and coconutty.

Coconut Chocolate Oat Cookies
Today's Favourite Photo
Chocolate D24 Durian Cake

Today’s Favourite Blog
Lupinesse ice cream probably does not sounds like the most appetizing variety of ice cream but for those who are milk or lactose intolerant, this offers a lot of good hope.

Lupinesse is purely plant-based and the ice cream will be available from May at EDEKA supermarkets in Germany. Lupin is part of the legume family and is sometimes referred to as the soybean of the North.

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  1. Lupinesse ice-cream sounds very original! Lupin is I think this plant which (in normal, reasonable agriculture) is grown every couple of years to avoid planting the soil with the same thing year by year.
    I love your cookies. I already have some others from your recipes and must absolutely make them...

  2. That durien cake looks delicious.

  3. How interesting! We eat lupini beans in Lebanon with salt as a mezze item. I can't imagine what it would taste like as ice-cream!

  4. Ick. If it's anything like the tofu cheesecake I had the other day at an organic styled restaurant ... no thank you. I think coconut milk ice cream might be a nicer substitute for lactose intolerant folks. I must say the durian cake looks lovely but unfortunately I'm not a durian person so I'll just admire that from afar :D

  5. Love gnocchi. Have never had it with brown sauce but I will now!

  6. Ok, you have to come to Croatia and cook all this fantastic meals for me :))) Pretty please!

  7. I'm so glad the weather worked out for you! It's definitely a bummer when it doesn't.

    Great cookies!

  8. You always find such yummy stuff. THose cookies are calling my name.
    *kisses* HH

  9. Great minds think alike. I just posted my gnocchi recipe. How funny is that. I love what you ate yesterday. Wish I had been eating with you! :)

  10. Looks like you're eating well. That Dorian cake picture is amazing.

  11. Sissi: I don’t know much about lupin but I heard its used in Mediterranean cuisine. I don’t think the ice cream will be available here anytime soon though

    yummychunklet: it certainly does, I wonder if it smells of durian

    tasteofbeirut: interesting to know that you are familiar with lupin

    ping: I wonder whether that durian cake has the aroma:) I never tried tofu cheesecake, if its loaded with fruit, sugar, chocolate etc it probably will not be so bad

    Maris: it went quite well with brown sauce

    Marina: I would love to, when I find the opportunity:) But no promises…

    Joanne: I am glad too!

    Heavenly Housewife: its not difficult to make

    Kitchen Belleicious: great minds certainly think alike:)

    Barbara Bakes: thanks for visiting, it is an amazing picture

  12. Sorry about the poop least there was yummy food like that amazing gnocchi :)

  13. What a great post! I love how you give an entire meals so well! Thanks

  14. Love all in the post, the gnocchi, cookis, cake. Luninese ice cream? wow very curious.

  15. Your gnocchi looks so delicious - tender and flavorful. :-) I'm glad you had good weather in spite of the forecast! That's always a lovely surprise. :-)

  16. sauteed cabbage - yumm! and durian cake? isn't that the stinky fruit?!