Sunday, July 31, 2011

El Bulli closes and wagyu coated with ash breadcrumbs

Pasta with mixed veges and white beans
Food Diary (July 31, 2011)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Pasta with mixed veges and white beans
Dinner: Pasta in tomato sauce with pickled herring, sauerkraut
Baking/sweets: Polenta chocolate coconut cookies

The polenta chocolate coconut cookies were an experiment and it turned out great, light and crispy. I need to test the recipe again before posting it and hopefully that will happen in the near future.

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Source: Camemberu
Wagyu coated with ash breadcrumbs and perfumed with wild garlic oil and various spices

Today’s Favourite Blog
Yesterday (Saturday) El Bulli, the best restaurant in the world, closed. But they are not turning off the gas burners and ovens for good, neither are they selling it. El Bulli will become El Bulli Foundation, a gastro think tank.

On its last day, 45 special guests comprising of friends, family and some of the best-known chefs from around the globe were treated to a 50-course meal, a champagne party, and a swim in the Costa Brava bay just metres away from the three Michelin-starred Spanish eatery. The meal included candyfloss sugar with berry sauce, raspberry hare risotto and parmesan frozen air with muesli.

Looking ahead, the El Bulli Foundation will kick into life by 2014. The foundation plans to grant between 20 and 25 scholarships a year for chefs to spend 12 months working with the restaurant's core staff on new creations. 

The one question I have is how the foundation will be funded. El Bulli never made a profit during the past decade. In a normal year El Bulli was closed for 6 months during the winter season and when it opened they only had one sitting a day. As a result only 8,000 people each year were lucky enough to appreciate the 50-dish set meal. No wonder they didn’t make a profit. I am sure they will be fine as a non-for-profit organization.  

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  1. i've heard so much el bulli! i can't believe its really closing. at least it'll reopen for future chefs! what kind of pasta is that? brown rice?

  2. and also, if u thaw the frozen fruit for about 5 minutes, it becomes perfect to chew on. u must try it. sooo good :D

  3. El Bulli was never somewhere I would feasibly go, so I must say I'm not too fussed by the closing down. Was always fun to read about it though!

  4. How eccentric! Maybe a little too eccentric for me not to mention waaay expensive I'm sure. Frozen air? What's that? Can we even see what we're eating?

  5. I read about El Bulli closing - which is a little sad 'cause I never got to go. Not that I'd even dream of being able to for the next few years :)
    The dish sounds amazing!

  6. I have heard about the El Bulli closing. Sadly I will never have the occasion to go there :-( I suppose some chefs get so carried away they forget that they should earn money ;-)
    I am looking forward to see you new cookie recipe!

  7. I am liking that pasta dish in the first pic and I see you have some polenta chocolate coconut cookies on your menu? My word, can I have some? Sounds amazing

  8. Another great round up my daaaahling. I have to say, I have never really been into terribly experimental cooking like at El Bulli, but nevertheless it is sad to hear of it closing.
    *kisses* HH

  9. the best restaurant in the world and I haven't heard of it! Need to investigate.

  10. I would die of culinary joy after a 50 course meal- bring it!

  11. 50 courses, seriously, id die. stick a fork in me. haha.

    what is wagyu ? beef right?!

    um chocolate polenta cookies?!!? glad that turned out well!!!

  12. these dishes look wonderful
    for the treacle sweet I am not sure if molasses can be used I always use kithul treacle it might work let me know if you try
    regards Akheela

  13. Junia: it was regular pasta cooked with little bit of soya, so it looked like wholewheat. And thanks for the tip on frozen grapes, I am really curious to try

    Hannah: very few people were lucky enough to be able to go so no loss for most of us

    Yummychunklet: it is, I guess many small portions taking a long time.

    Lorraine: of course, no less!

    ping: no, not too eccentric for you:) No ideas what frozen air is. I guess frozen air is a bit crispier:) I suppose they had to serve many air dishes as part of the 50 course dinner otherwise the diners may get too full!

    Indie.Tea: Unfortunately not many people did. Very inaccessible restaurant.

    Sissi: it seems this chef was too passionate about his profession and I’ve never heard of anyone starting a foundation. He really is very passionate.

    Kitchen Belleicious: unfortunately all the cookies disappeared, they always do!

    Heavenly Housewife: thank you!

    Joanne: now its history but perhaps you can go there to train!

    Laural: yes it is beef, very similar to Kobe beef.

    Torviewtoronto: I have never heard of kithul treacle

  14. How I wish i had a chance to try El Bulli before it closed. I shall just have to wait till he decided to reopen again.

    Your pasta dish looks really tasty and I love it that you are keeping a food diary!

  15. That's an interesting read about El Bulli, I never knew they opened that rarely and was not that accessible when they did open. Well, better luck with their Foundation, I suppose. That ash-coated wagyu has given me ideas what to do with my meals at home. Yes, inspiration strikes in the strangest ways sometimes!

  16. Thats an interesting looking dish, ash breadcrumbs.