Monday, August 1, 2011

Drink more wine its good and sour cherry cake

Rice with Spanish eggplant
Food Diary (August 01, 2011)
Breakfast: Sourdough toast
Lunch: Rice with Spanish eggplant
Dinner: Pasta and lentils
Baking/sweets: No bake polenta chocolate coconut square

The no bake polenta chocolate coconut square was good but not great. Eating uncooked polenta is probably not the most exciting thing to do but I ran out of oats and really needed just a small sugar fix. And there were no sweets lying around, I usually don’t let them stay lonely for too long, its not good for their morale!

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Source: Bite my cake
Sour cherry cake

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Finally a recommendation to drink more wine, but only if you are going to the beach. Drinking wine may actually help prevent sunburns, according to an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Flavonoids present in grapes can stop the chemical reaction that causes cells to die, which is what causes skin damage.

The study was conducted in vitro in a laboratory by the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council. It does not seem that the study was sponsored by the wine industry.

There are some unanswered questions such as which type of wine, how much to drink, when to start drinking and when to stop drinking. I doubt that the researchers will have answers to these questions anytime soon so in the meantime you may need to experiment yourself. This is one of the golden opportunities for the northern and southern hemispheres to collaborate. The northerners can start their experimenting with input from the southerners and later this year the roles can be reversed when the seasons change. With concerted effort we will find answers to those questions. Unfortunately those living in the tropics will have to experiment throughout the year. That’s your duty to society!

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  1. Amazing how you maintaing food dairy :) Some great links you shared

  2. Gorgeous food, that sour cherry cake is SO pretty - good to hear we can drink more wine!

  3. That cherry cake looks great. I am so glad you shared it with us! YUM!

  4. Yesss! A very positive post! I agree with you about not leaving sweets lying around too long .... not good, nope, never happen. And since they didn't say how much and which kinda wine to prevent sunburn .... I shall have a glass of every bottle in my store, just to be safe, you know, before my next tennis session. It's gonna be a real interesting session that :D
    (Oh, by the way, my husband says I'm not eccentric, just crazy!)

  5. I think I might have disproved that wine/sunburn theory during spring break in college... :/

  6. Yes, wine in reasonable quantities is good for you! That cherry cake looks divine and that rice dish must taste wonderful.



  7. the cherry cake looks beautiful. haha i know what u mean about needing a small sugar fix. i've been going to fruit lately, frozen grapes still lol or watermelon. lol.

  8. Wow, both of these dishes look fantastic. But, considering my huge sweet tooth, I'm leaning more towards the sour cherry cake. :)

  9. Next time if someone asks me why I drink more wine than usually I will just say (trying to keep a serious face) "I go to the beach and it's my UV block." Frankly I am always happy to read on your blog about the positive sides of alcohol ;-)
    PS I have been thinking about ANZAC biscuits all day, I think I get addicted and it's your fault ;-) I think I will make no bake chocolate cookies instead. You have just given me this idea... How did the raw polenta taste like?

  10. Kankana: thanks for visiting and your kind compliments

    Mary: I knew drinking more wine would certainly be welcome news:)

    Kristen: you are most welcome, unfortunately I can only share the photo

    ping: let us know which wine worked best and if do end up playing tennis, how the game went. Maybe different wines have a different influence on the game!

    Baking Serendipity: not enough wine perhaps?:)

    Rosa: thank you

    Junia: I really need to give those frozen grapes a try

    Caroline: me too!

    Sissi: sorry about that. After reading your post I cannot stop thinking about ANZAC’s either and its your fault, but I was already addicted:) Unfortunately I don’t have the ingredients to make ANZAC otherwise I would have done it immediately after reading your post. Raw polenta taste is OK but it’s a bit hard

  11. I am all for the drink more wine line!

  12. Wow looks like its hard to believe that fact that drinking wine may actually help prevent sunburns, well will try this one out in summer at least I have a reason now to drink lots of it :)

  13. That sour cherry cake looks amazing!