Tuesday, July 5, 2011

McDonald's Biodiesel in United Arab Emirates

Pasta and pickled herring salad
Food Diary (July 04, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with honey melon and flax seeds
Lunch: Pasta and pickled herring salad
Dinner: Polenta with lightly spiced cauliflower

Today I had a positive, disappointing and positive meeting, all in one, a bit of a roller coaster meeting. My meeting was with a bakery that produces good stuff for the domestic market, and they also export some of their products. They make really good stuff. My meeting went well, except for a small disappointment. I was waiting in anticipation for the meeting, expecting some good stuff to be served. I could see it being produced but not touch it, disappointing! Sure I could buy some from the shops but its another story eating the fresh stuff for free on the premises, free being the operative word. But the meeting ended on a positive note, I was promised I could have as samples whatever I wanted. I will redeem this promise perhaps in a month or two when I need samples. 

Today's Favourite Photo
Cupcakes with butter cream frosting

Today’s Favourite Blog
Source: NZ Herald
In the United Arab Emirates McDonald's is fuelling its trucks using used oil from its restaurants. The biodiesel burns 50 per cent cleaner than normal diesel and has a lower carbon footprint because it involves recycling waste vegetable. What is even more impressive is that this recycling initiative is being rolled out in United Arab Emirates which is flush with crude oil. McDonalds vehicles in England and Austria already run on biodiesel but this is the first time that it is being tried in the Middle East.

McDonalds has been getting a lot of flack recently and this great initiative will perhaps help McDonalds to start to gain more respect from the wider public. Maybe. 


  1. oooo that is the prettiest 4th of july cupcake i've seen in the blogworld!! good find! haha and i know what u mean when u want to taste some samples! ;)

  2. I loved that cupcake photo as well when I saw it on Quay Po's blog!

  3. Hah! That's the 1st positive thing thing I've heard for the last 2 weeks. Good to know that and needed to know that :D
    Pretty pretty cupcake ...

  4. I am glad that your meeting did go well for you. You did find the prettiest cupcake!

  5. For once you herring salad doesn't make me crave for herrings: I have bought some beautiful fat Russian herrings in oil and have finally made a herring salad too! When I saw the herrings in the shop I immediately remembered your posts and couldn't walk without them!
    Unfortunately the use of cooking oil is very limited, but I'm happy some companies introduce it.
    Your meeting reminds me of a story a friend who is a journalist told me. She was contacted by a new restaurant (quite expensive) owners to write an article about it (she was writing a reviews column). She didn't want to come, but since they were cousins of her friend, she decided to give it a go. They insisted she come at midday (she hasn't had lunch before of course). She arrived, they were very nice, polite, asked her what she wanted to drink... She asked for sparkling water. And one hour later, having listened to their stories about creating the place etc., she went out with her sparkling water only for lunch!
    The worst was they were surprised she hasn't written any review, but her boss called them and said they were lucky she hadn't written anything, given the way she was treated...

  6. Those cupcakes are so pretty! Good to know that the meeting went well...



  7. Junia: I was amazed myself how simple and attractive those cupcakes were

    yummychunklet: glad you are concurring:)

    ping: I hope to deliver more positive news through this blog on a more regular basis:

    Maris: thank you so much

    Sissi: Good to hear. The Russian herrings in oil are really excellent too. And you can soak your bread in the oil:) Is that restaurant still in business? They want a review done without allowing product testing/sampling? Maybe your friend could have written a review of the sparkling water, but that would have been boring.

    Rosa: thank you

  8. Mr. Three-Cookies, I have no idea, the restaurant incident happened at least 7 years ago, but I still remember it. You are right, she should have written a long review of the sparkling water. They merited it ;-)
    (I try to forget the oil and throw it away, but it's true, it's tempting...).

  9. Oh gosh, I didn't mean all the bad news was from here. It's just that the last 2 weeks had been pretty crappy for me and this was actually a ray of sunshine. Keep doing what you do, I love this place.

  10. One day I will try pickled herring! Honestly I never tried those and your posts convinced me to give it a go.

  11. ping: don't worry, I didn't interpret it that way either. But I realise the way I wrote my response was not very clear, it created confusion. Sorry

    angsarap: you should try!