Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strawberry trifle with macarons and bear feast spoilt

Food Diary (July 05, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with strawberries and toasted sesame seeds
Lunch: Salami pizza
Dinner: Pasta with yellow beans

The salami pizza was excellent, with only one slight criticism. There was too much polenta on the crust. While polenta added extra crunch, feeling the grainy polenta with the fingers felt a little different. Maybe I should have used a fork and knife instead of complaining about such a small issue? It certainly did not stop me from cleaning the plate, it was delicious.

Since I am on the complaining mode, I will go back to breakfast. Toasted sesame did not work with strawberries and oats. While sesame brought crunch to the party the flavor was lost. I do know that sesame added some nutritional value, even though I could not see it or taste it. I just know it was there!

Today's Favourite Photo
Strawberry trifle with macarons

Today’s Favourite Blog
Silvio Berlusconi's meat feast was spoilt by the Italian Police. Silvio’s Northern League allies were planning to host a 200-person brown bear meat feast in the Italian mountains but the cops were not particularly thrilled. Bear hunting is banned in Italy, so the organizers got creative and bought more than 100 pounds of meat in Slovenia. But they did not have proper import documentation.

About half of the meat was already cooked and the rest was still sitting in the freezer. I wonder what happened to the meat? It may not make sense to send it back to Slovenia, ask for a refund for the uncooked portion and try to sell the cooked portion! And it would be wasteful to throw it away. Maybe the cops ate it. 


  1. Wow! Such a stunning trifle! Always something wonderful to gaze at or read when I come to visit your blog~

  2. That trifle is gorgeous!You do post he best desserts!

  3. That is a lot of meat. Maybe they donated it to a homeless shelter. That is going to be my hope.

  4. I agree with Angela ... feed the needy, it's the least they could do ... poor bears.
    On a different note ... gorgeous trifle!

  5. That trifle looks fantastic! It reminds me of the delicious one on the cover of the Donna Hay magazine!

  6. Bear meat??? I wonder how would it taste like.

  7. I only hope they made vets check if the meat was healthy and then distributed it... The meat from hunting may be very dangerous if not checked by a vet. I wonder if bear's meat is good...
    I love your food experiments! Thanks to you I will never try to put sesame seeds on strawberries, even though I put grilled sesame seeds everywhere! (On the other hand I never liked them in a sweet version...)

  8. Lizzy: thank you, always a pleasure to have you visiting

    Maris: thank you, I try:)

    Angela: maybe, maybe not, esp since it was not properly certified. Could be quality concerns maybe.

    ping: feeding the poor would be a good solution, I agree, as long as the meat is considered safe. Poor bears, gave their life and now there is controversy, but publicity also!

    Lorraine: that does look like something Donna Hay would create

    angsarap: there is only one way to find out:) I would guess bear meat is not too different from other game meat from cold climate - reindeer etc

    Sissi: I don't think vet checks were done, I would guess not. They did not even get import documents in order! Sesame seed halva is nice!

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  10. I'm sorry the sesame didn't come through that much! It sounds like such an interesting flavor to add.

  11. Your salmon polenta pizza sounds delicious!

  12. Oh girl! it is just simply gorgeous! the most beautiful and sweetest desserts I have ever seen! i love it. So impressed

  13. Gosh, I love all your choices but have to admit I'm rather biaised towards that stunning macaron trifle!

  14. Mr. Three-Cookies, when I was a child I used to like halva in general, the sesame one too, but now I find it much too sweet. Now that I think, it's not really the sesame taste that I dislike in sweet dishes, it's rather the texture- I always hated the sesame biscuits (I don't know if they exist in Norway), they consist of sesame seeds "glued together" with syrup and are very thin. Some people go crazy for them.

  15. Wow... that trifle is in the glass container right? I wonder how you scoop up to get the perfect layer...but still it's so pretty! You are very good at finding something unique and yummy all the time, Mr. Three-Cookies!

  16. Joanne: I was surprised myself, maybe I needed to add more sesame

    yummychunklet: the salami pizza was delicious for sure

    Kitchen belleicious: great feast for the eyes for sure

    Jill: As I suspected:)

    Nami: yes I think it is in a glass container. It would be tricky to get the perfect layer in each serving for sure