Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pomegranate pound cake and worlds strangest hangover cures

Double coconut cookies
Food Diary (July 06, 2011)
Breakfast: Rolled oats with strawberries, sunflower seeds and flax seeds
Lunch: Boiled egg and caviar on baked potato oat flatbread
Dinner: Cauliflower and rice

There are plenty of recipes for double chocolate chip cookies floating around, even some triple chocolate chip cookies. I myself joined the crowd and developed a recipe for double chocolate coffee daim cookie. These cookies are fabulous.

In the cookie world I noticed a gap for double coconut cookies and I decided to do something about it. And I am glad I did as the double coconut cookies are divine, coconutty, light, crispy, crumbly and coconutty. Yes double the coconutty because the cookies use both desiccated coconut and coconut oil. Thankfully I have some leftover dough waiting patiently in the freezer for the next opportunity to visit the sauna.

Boiled egg and caviar on baked potato oat flatbread

Today's Favourite Photo
Pomegranate Pound Cake

Today’s Favourite Blog
An interesting article on the worlds strangest hangover cures. I know July 4th  is gone and this hangover article would have been more appropriate a few days ago but I am sure there will be plenty more opportunities to put these cures to the test. 

1. Full English breakfast: Fans argue that the high protein and fat content does the trick
2. Prairie Oyster cocktail: A raw egg yolk is topped with Worcestershire, Tabasco, salt and pepper. Purportedly, this concoction fights one toxin (alcohol) by introducing another (hot spices). I am not sure if I will find this appetizing the morning after
3. Ciorba De Burta: This Romanian soup is full of strips of tripe, vinegar, garlic, hot pepper, and sour cream. I would say this one definitely sounds more appealing than #2
4. Pancha Karma cleansing treatment: This ancient ayurvedic practice is meant to purify the body and mind. It involves a series of cleanses, including a vegetarian diet, massage, sweat therapy, and purges.
5. Corpse Reviver cocktail: Each cocktail has botanicals that theoretically take the edge off. A few of these will definitely take care of the hangover. This is a great one, its almost worth getting a hangover for.
6. Umeboshi: A Japanese fruit that has been cured with sea salt for several months. The acids improve liver function, aid digestion, and dispel fatigue. The pickled fruit is also rich in key electrolytes like sodium and potassium.
7. Banya: A Russian sauna. Sweating in the intense heat is meant to purge the body of toxins. I have been to banyas the morning after and a bottle or more of the clear liquid has been always present. Surely this cures hangover
8. Rollmops: Rollmops are fillets of pickled herring wrapped around slivers of pickle and onion. The brine in the snack replenishes electrolytes—and while its saltiness encourages you to drink more water, its sugar content also alleviates hypoglycemia (the cause of morning-after wobblies). I have eaten this during drinking but never the morning after. 
9. Oxygen bar: This involves breathing air enriched with 95 percent oxygen. That extra oxygen supposedly improves the body’s overall metabolism, thus hastening the breakdown of alcohol-related toxins
10. Irn-Bru Soda: It’s a Scottish neon-orange soda. With high levels of sugar and caffeine, the fizz gives a temporary kick. I am not sure how long the kick will last.

There are so many different cures, probably every country has at least one cure but I think the only cure is to have a drink or two. Some people suggest drinking in moderation but I think that’s prevention not cure.


  1. Not just coconut...DOUBLE coconut! Love it. Great hangover cures. Mine was always banana and chocolate milk til I started diving. Now I use my tank like those folks use their oxygen bar :)

  2. Oh, I want those cookies now! They sound amazing! Love the cake, did I miss that beauty?

  3. Haha! I like the corpse reviver one ... wonder what's in it? Zombie dust?

  4. ooo baked potato oat flatbread sounds delish! i can see why u ate it twice in one day!!! :D heehee

  5. Wow! I'm so flattered that your featured my cake! :) I'm glad you liked it... Thank you! The rest of this article sounds really interesting too! Is easilygoodeats your recipe blog? Thanks again for stopping by my blog & sharing this photograph!

  6. That cake looks stunning, especially that simple pink drizzle. Yum!

  7. I have never used the coconut oil in my life! I have seen something looking like pork fat (very solid and white) and it's coconut fat... Probably coconut oil, but made solid.
    Caviar eggs look beautiful! I would have never thought about combining both.
    I have a very good cure against the hangover: the sour milk/kefir (the Norwegian thing you mentioned once must be great too!). It's packed with vitamins. Another great cure is unfortunately a small dose of light alcohol, preferably beer... It really works, but maximum a small beer.
    There is also the juice from the pickled cabbage/cucumbers.
    I have a whole book with hangover recipes ;-)
    (Personally I find miso soup a perfect cure!)

  8. Parsley Sage: banana and chocolate milk sounds delicious. Thats an added incentive to take up diving - ready access to hangover cure:)

    Lizzy: thank you, they were amazing:)

    ping: haha, since they call it corpse reviver it must be for extreme hangovers I guess, the worst cases

    Junia: they were excellent!

    The Harried Cook: You are most welcome. That cake looked awesome, obviously! Yes easilygoodeats is my recipe blog

    yummychunklet: it does, all different elements go well together

    Sissi: Coconut oil/coconut fat is the same thing, and it does look like pork fat. Sometimes its hardened (I don't know why). Pure coconut oil is liquid at room temperature (around 25 degrees) and starts to solidify as the temp drops. I have tried kefir and similar things, also pickling juice (thats the Russian formula!).

  9. The Pomegranate pound cake looks fabulous!

  10. Nice! Love the pom pound cake - I made one myself in the winter!

  11. Mmm that pomegranate cake looks scrumptious and interesting hangover "cures" hehe. I'll stick to the soda one, thanks ;p.

  12. Where do I start... first of all, Boiled egg with caviar looks delicious, and pretty! I didn't know Umeboshi cures hangovers! Love to have double coconut cookies right now with my tea (and I have no biscuit). And I love Marsha's cake!!!

  13. Thank you for the coconut oil explanation! Then what I see is coconut oil. I lust buy it one day to see how it tastes...

  14. In Philippines there is a saying that if you have a hangover drink a couple of beer for breakfast.