Monday, August 22, 2011

French Lobster Ice Cream and Cookies N' Cream Cake Pops

Pasta with cauliflower in tomato sauce
Food Diary (August 22, 2011)
Breakfast: Boiled egg with oat molasses sourdough
Lunch: Pasta with cauliflower in tomato sauce
Dinner: Polenta with yellow peas in tomato sauce

Today's Favourite Photo
Cookies N' Cream Cake Pops

Today’s Favourite Blog
A new ice cream flavor has just been released by a gourmet ice cream store in Hong Kong. And its rather unusual - French Lobster flavour ice cream.

Owner of the Ice Cream Gallery Arron Lui has developed more than 600 flavors since 1994 and the French Lobster ice cream is the most complicated. Other flavors include French Black Truffle ice cream, French Foie Gras ice cream, and Organic Rose Chocolate ice cream. I have eaten Foie Gras ice cream  and it was absolutely fantastic. It is a pity that it is so hard to find.

It is great to see boundaries being extended in all different directions, to cover all sorts of different tastes. This makes bacon ice cream sound rather boring and normal!

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  1. I think I'll stick with the boring, old ice cream flavors, but I am up for new pasta! Your penne with cauliflower and tomato sauce looks does the red wine chocolate cake below~

  2. i love cauliflower, especially steamed! love the idea of putting it with tomato sauce!

  3. Hmm...I'm not sure how the lobster ice cream would taste, but I'd try it just to see!

  4. Straaange flavor. But I suppose in those fancy and new fangled restaurants they can always serve it as a savoury accompaniment to whatever weird concoctions they have today ... same category as the flavored 'foams' and 'caviars'.
    6 bittersweets (Xiaolu) is one amazing young lady, isn't she? So very talented. I'm in awe of her stuff.

  5. Oh, no.... Foie gras ice-crem once more! I will die if I don't have it one day!
    So you mean you have had both chocolate oat squares and the amazing red wine & chocolate cake? Some people are really lucky!

  6. Lizzy: thank you!

    Junia: cauliflower and tomato sauce is delicious!

    yummychunklet: you are brave, you never know unless you try it

    ping: just like savory custards but I think the lobster ice cream is meant to be dessert. Even if its not one can have it as mains, unless you are a kid because your parents will not allow it. Xiaolu is talented and so determined!

    Sissi: you live near foie gras country, it should not be too difficult to find but I could be wrong. If all else fails you may have to make it! The red wine choc cake was frozen and the choc oat squares are super quick and easy to make

    Sonia: thank you

  7. I have a list of unusual ice cream flavors on my blog but have not ventured that far yet. I am sure with a savoir faire it can be done. A cone much be expensive though!

  8. Ok, I'm down with the mustard ice cream at Fat Duck (it was amazing). I even loved the bacon and egg. But lobster might just be a bridge too far for me.

  9. yeah i will want to try the lobster ice cream. i might just love it:)

  10. french anything is apparently amazing. i for one do not like lobster and do not like ice cream all that much either!

    ha. I love cake pops though. phenomenal.

  11. Cheap Ethnic Eatz: I didn't see the price but it must be expensive, best eaten once in a while!

    tori: mustard ice cream sounds interesting

    blackbookkitchendiaries: you never know unless you try:)

    Laural: OK, lobster ice cream not for you in that case. Maybe salmon ice cream (I think they have it already).

  12. I had to do a double take at the lobster ice cream! I think I will stick to chocolate!

  13. You are right, I can buy it at every butcher. I even have a foie gras now in the fridge and today will start making a "terrine".
    Making an ice-cream requires 1) an ice-cream maker 2) a normally sized freezer... I lack both unfortunately :-(

  14. Hmmm....foie gras ice cream in Stockholm! My husband would probably consider flying there to just eat that! I think it's fun to have all kinds of different/weird flavor but I barely see any here. Pretty conservative. :-) I love your cauliflower pasta - I should make that. I love cauliflowers and I don't eat enough!